Profiled Rail Systems


Diverse applications in various sectors – linear guides from Rexroth provide tailor-made solutions for your company

The deciding factors for high-performing Linear Motion Technology components are accuracy, dynamics and load-bearing capability in every conceivable environment and for every imaginable linear motion problem. Profiled Rail Systems are the basis for precise machine movements and machining processes of all kinds. No matter what your requirements for guidance are, we will put together the optimal solution for you!

Profiled Rail Systems are wear-free no matter what the load, ensuring consistent precision over their entire service life.

Thanks to precise manufacturing and the mutually compatible range of accuracy classes, you can combine any Runner Block with any Guide Rail of the same technology and size.

From Roller to Ball Guide Rails: discover our array of Profiled Rail Systems!


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Ball Rail Systems

Ball Rail Systems from Rexroth are ball-bearing linear guides. They are available in eight common sizes. Our customers use them in machine tools, industrial robots and various special machines.

Roller Rail Systems

Roller Rail Systems from Rexroth are compact, roller-bearing linear guides with incredibly high load-bearing capacity and extreme rigidity.

They are used successfully in many areas in sizes 25 to 125, for example in machine tools, print and paper machinery, injection molding machines, industrial robots as well as presses and heavy-duty machinery.


Integrated Measuring System

The Integrated Measuring System for Ball and Roller Rail Systems consists of a probe screwed onto the Runner Block and a scale integrated into the rail.

Thanks to precise position resolution and maximum repeatability, you can achieve excellent workpiece quality. The position measuring system is recommended particularly for use in machine tools as an alternative to external measuring solutions.

Miniature Ball Rail Systems

These products are used wherever extremely small ball-bearing linear guides with high load capacity are needed, for example in medical technology and the semiconductor industry.


Cam Roller Guides

Cam Roller Guides from Rexroth are used in the conveyor and automation sectors. They are designed for high speeds of up to 10 meters per second.


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