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In the area of mechanical drive technology, Linear Motion Technology from Rexroth offers a wide range of Screw Assemblies. Screw Assemblies are units converting rotary motions into linear motions or vice versa. In this connection, the most important products are the Ball Screw Assembly and the Planetary Screw Assembly.

As user, Rexroth will always provide you with the suitable product and matching accessories for your specific tasks.


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Ball Screw Assembly

Ball Screw Assembly

Rexroth ball screw assemblies provide the constructor with manifold possibilities for solving transport and positioning tasks with driven spindle or also driven nut. No matter whether highest linear velocities, maximum load ratings or minimum construction lengths, you will always find the perfect solution.

Planetary Screw Assembly

Planetary Screw Assembly

With the planetary screw assemblies, Rexroth enters the top screw assembly performance classes. The powerful drive elements are particularly suitable for use in the construction of medium- and heavy-duty machinery like presses, machine tools and plastic injection molding machines.


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