Axial piston variable pump A11V(L)O series 41

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Customer benefits

  • Suitable for use in electronified and hybridized applications
  • Robust and proven hydrostatic swashplate slide bearing
  • Improved total efficiency
  • High pressure level with increased speed
  • Noise-optimized design
  • Space-optimized hydraulic ports

Further information


Overcenter operation and electronic compatibility

More and more manufacturers of mobile working machines are trying to comply with the increasingly strict specifications worldwide for the exhaust emissions from Off-Highway machines by means of hybridization. This trend also promotes advancements in electronification. The Rexroth axial piston variable pump A11V(L)O series 41 takes account of this trend. Due to the broad range of hydraulic and electrohydraulic control devices and the robust design, the Rexroth A11V(L)O can be used in a wide variety of high-performance applications (e.g. forestry machinery, excavators, dumpers).

Suitable for use in electronified and hybrid applications
When developing the A11V(L)O series 41, particular emphasis was put on designing the axial piston variable pump for future application cases, such as hybridization and electronification. The variable pump for open hydraulic circuits offers a 100% overcenter operation for 2-quadrant operation and is compatible with electronic pump controllers. With these controllers in electrical closed loop circuit the controller intelligence can be found as a software module in the control unit. This means that the controller variance is represented by the software in the electronics as opposed to the mechanical variants. This enables significantly higher flexibility during commissioning, machine configuration and “endof-line” tests.

Robust and proven hydrostatic swashplate slide bearing
Bosch Rexroth has many years of experience in developing and producing high-quality, reliable axial piston units in swashplate design. This expertise has been incorporated into the development of the Rexroth axial piston variable pump A11V(L)O series 41. The hydrostaticswashplate slide bearing is characterized by low wear and high robustness.


Improved total efficiency
The Rexroth A11V(L)O series 41 stands out from the crowd thanks to its optimized rotary group. This results in an improvement in overall efficiency from 3% to 5% compared with similar hydraulic pumps. This increases the total efficiency of the mobile working machine, thereby also reducing fuel consumption and operating costs for the operator.

High pressure level with increased speed
The hydraulic efficiency is fundamentally determined by the working pressure. The higher the pressure, the lower the flows need to be to transmit the same power. Therefore, the flow rate losses in the hydraulic system are reduced. The Rexroth A11V(L)O series 41 speed capacity has been increased over previous series design while still maintaining a 350 bar nominal working pressure and a 420 bar maximum pressure.


Noise-optimized design
In order to meet the increasing ergonomic demand for lower noise of hydraulic components in mobile working machines, the design of the Rexroth A11V(L)O series 41 has been noise-optimized. A new housing design, incorporating reinforcing support ribs, together with an optimized distribution plate design have lowered the noise emission of the pump by up to 8 dB(A) compared to similar products in the market.

Space-optimized hydraulic ports
To allow for a more compact installation into the mobile working machine, thus freeing up valuable space, a new 45 degree angle pressure port in the housing of the Rexroth A11V(L)O series 41 provides greater installation flexibility.