Axial piston variable pump A7VO

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Customer benefits

  • High efficiency
  • High pressure level and
    low power dissipation
  • Compact design for
    limited installation space
  • Working ports at the rear
    or on the side
  • Robust and proven variable pump
    in bent-axis design

Further information


High efficiency and high working pressures

High efficiency
The Rexroth A7VO series 63 features optimized rotary groups which improve the overall efficiency by 3 to 5 percent compared to common hydraulic pumps. This increases the total efficiency of mobile working machines, whereby the fuel consumption and the operating costs are reduced for the operator.

High pressure level and low power dissipation
The hydraulic efficiency is fundamentally determined by the working pressure. The higher the pressure, the lower the flow needed to transmit the same power. Thus, the flow losses in the hydraulic system are reduced. The Rexroth axial piston variable pump A7VO series 63 offers a pressure level of 350 / 400 bar. This means a higher pressure level of up to 70 bar in relation to comparable products which are typically used in concrete mixers and compact excavators.


Compact design
In construction machinery (e.g. mini and compact excavators) the installation space available for hydraulic components is increasingly limited. For this reason, the Rexroth axial piston variable pump A7VO series 63 is available in the sizes 55 and 80 with ports located at the rear and optionally at the side of the housing. Thanks to the working ports situated on the side, manufacuteres of construction machinery gain valuable installation space. Design modifications or other technical adaptions at the working machine are not necessary – a clear benefit.

Robust and proven bent-axis design
Rexroth possesses many years of experience in developing and producing high quality and reliable axial piston units in bent-axis design as well as in implementing and commissioning of the products in various applications. This comprehensive expertise has been incorporated in the development of the Rexroth axial piston variable pump A7VO series 63.