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File Description
AIR CONTROL Single acting motion control for high stability
CONTROL PLUS Joystick controlled fine metering valve
A-VBCN-R Check and metering valve
CARTRIDGES Full range solutions
SOLENOID CONCEPT New generation of solenoid cartridge valves
CHOOSE Compact hydraulics configuration tool
DRE05SK Self-air bleeding proportional pressure reducing valve
EDC Modular directional valve with flow sharing control
EDD Modular directional valve
EDG Platform Modular electro-directional valve with LS
EDG Forklift Block Modular electro-directional valve
E-Valve Hose Burst Valve (Electronic Control)
E-Motion Plus Electronic compensation for boom control
H-Valve Hose Burst Valve (Hydraulic Control)
GTCB Garbage compactor integrated control block
M4+EDC+ED Hybrid solution
VBSO-P Re-shaping counterbalance technology
VS570 Flow diverter
SMV Steering mode valve