Load-sensing control block M4

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Customer benefits

  • Efficient work in every application through precise, sensitive control and good fine control range
  • Unique online configurator reduces development times and accelerates deliveries
  • High reliability in operations thanks to proven quality and extensive experience in the field
  • Easily accessible components and thoroughly considered modular system simplify maintenance and repairs

Further information

M4 Configurator

With the M4 Configurator from Rexroth, you can easily configure your individual control block in just a few steps.


Motion in every situation

Whenever exact operation and sensitive control are key for a mobile working machine, that’s when stable and closely controlled regulation of hydraulic fluid flow moves into the limelight. From boom control in knuckle boom cranes, concrete machines and emergency sky lifts, to open-circuit travel drives, to drilling equipment, to forestry machines – many applications and work procedures place maximum requirements on valve technology in regard to precision, sensitivity, parallel operations and safety – in order to handle the required tasks efficiently.

With its M4 platform Rexroth is offering a time-tested family of valves. This series satisfies all these requirements, operates at highest reliability and thus covers a very broad range of machine models. Consequently, a large number of applications can profit from the M4 valves’ high quality and wide use in the field.

The load sensing (LS) technology with its optimally designed section pressure compensator lets the operator control each and every function proportionally and with the required precision – regardless of the load and the machine’s position and attitude. Great operating ease and thus high productivity go hand-in-hand as the result.


The carefully engineered, modular structure of the M4 platform lets machine makers configure the ideal valve blocks for their applications. By selecting the valve sections as appropriate, an M4 block can control as many as 20 functions. Flexibility is great. The options available include a choice of nominal main spool sizes, precise adjustment of the flow down to the last liter, and exact pressure limiting for the LS signal (fixed or electro-proportional adjustability). They make for individualized, optimal design for every machine function. This is augmented by a wide variety of actuation options: mechanical, hydraulic, electrohydraulic and on-board electronics. Specific designs for applications in areas subject to explosion hazard (ATEX) or corrosive environments (e.g. underground mining and offshore) are also offered. With features such as LS signal interruption and shutoff of the pump flow, Rexroth supports manufacturers in their adherence to specifications for functional safety.

Some additional benefits of modular design are simplified commissioning and user-friendly service, since all the assemblies and individual parts can be replaced without disassembling the block.