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Customer benefits

  • Space-saving design thanks to high power density and perfect matching of the gearbox ratio and the hydraulic motor
  • Wide selection of rated sizes, output torques and transmission ratios; they can be combined with Rexroth’s extensive line of motors
  • Easy, fast configuration and modular design shorten delivery times
  • Complete delivery of gearing and motor in a single transmission unit reduces logistics costs
  • Maintenance-free dynamic brake (optional)
  • Mechanical disconnect for towing purposes

Further information

Travel drives HYDROTRAC GFT Series 8000


The new drive units HYDROTRAC GFT Series 8000
for heavy-duty vehicles

The compact drive unit HYDROTRAC GFT Series 8000 for heavy-duty vehicles is a complete transmission unit, which is characterized by its simple installation. Typical target applications are sprayers, road pavers or heavy duty vehicles. The new Series 8000 covers a total of more than 30 target applications. The portfolio ranges from GFT 8110 to GFT 8190 with nominal output torques of up to 130 kNm.

Among mobile equipment, the term mobility is a relative notion. Some machines do their work largely from a single spot and are transferred by a low-loader from one deployment site to the next. In other applications, moving from spot to spot is one of the primary tasks. Among the latter group – the so-called “high-mileage” vehicles – are bulldozers, agricultural sprayers, heavy duty vehicles, pavers, and rollers. Mechanical planetary gearboxes are often used to transform the torque generated by the hydrostatic motor so that it can be used at the wheels or tracks. Consistent with the typical tough conditions for use, equipment manufacturers prefer extremely rugged designs with long service lives. When seeking appropriate solutions, further criteria are decisive: compact shape, a large selection of gear ratios and drive torques, and easy configuration.


The HYDROTRAC GFT series 8000, developed by Rexroth especially for high-mileage mobile equipment, offers more in this respect. Combining two- or three-stage planetary gearbox with a bent-axis design axial piston motor results in a very compact transmission unit, saving space in wheeled and tracked vehicles. The HYDROTRAC GFT series 8000 offers, for the first time, the opportunity to integrate Rexroth A6VE hydraulic motors drawn from series 71. In this way, the power density of the entire drive unit can be raised even further. This increase is made possible by the higher displacement of the A6VE/71. Higher torques of around ten percent compared to the previous series are the result, as well as the corresponding power increase. In addition to the functional benefits resulting from optimal matching of the mechanical gearbox with the hydraulic motor, the product also offers an advantage in terms of logistics. By purchasing a complete transmission unit from a single plant, the procurement processes are simplified.

Extensive product range with flexible options
The modular and flexible design of the product range means virtually off-the-shelf availability and short delivery periods. Additionally, it offers a very wide spectrum of nominal sizes and transmission ratios, combined with easy and quick configuration. The portfolio in the 8000 series comprises a total of nine nominal sizes, for use in open or closed-loop hydraulic circuits. Beginning with the HYDROTRAC GFT 8110, with its rated output torque of 10,000 Nm, and up to model 8190 at 130,000 Nm, a number of different transmission ratios is possible in each case.

Multi-disc brake integrated into the system
The models 8120, 8130 and 8150 can optionally be fitted with a dynamic multi-disc brake. For instance, in combination with the High Level Braking HLB from Rexroth, selfpropelled equipment can thus fulfil the stringent safety criteria as required in many regions such as Germany (StVZO) or the USA (ASAE) for travel speeds up to 50 kph. Series-manufactured machines that are equipped with a Rexroth transmission unit including a multi-disk brake have been approved in both countries according to the respective regulations. A special feature: The multi-disc brake is located inside the gearbox, so that it is protected against grime and the weather. This makes a crucial contribution to the compactness of the entire transmission unit and, at the same time, results in low-maintenance operation. In this way the multi-disk brake in the HYDROTRAC GFT offers an advanced alternative to conventional disk or drum brakes and, in addition, is up to 75 percent lighter than these conventional brakes.


Especially in agricultural sprayers, the advantages of the internal multi-disc brake come fully to bear. It is lighter in weight than conventional designs and its protection against grime greatly reduces the need for maintenance.