Winch gears MOBILEX GFW 5000

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Customer benefits

  • Compact design for limited installation spaces
  • High resistance and robustness
  • Customer-specific design and high efficiency
  • Improved rotational characteristics for more sensitive
  • moving and positioning of heavy loads
  • Easy configuration and high availability
  • Quiet running, high durability and operating safety

Further information


Winch drives for challenging
mobile and stationary applications

The demands on modern crane applications, concerning lifting and lowering of frequently heavy loads, are clearly defined: in the machine manufacturers main focus, there are characteristics like flexibility and sensitivity in moving and positioning heavy loads but also a maximum of productivity and a high level of safety for the machine operator and the entire work environment. The new winch gears MOBILEX GFW 5000 from Rexroth meet all these requirements and are suitable for the use in drilling rigs, mobile and crawler cranes as well as railway, shipyard and container cranes. They can be combined with a wide range of Rexroth variable and fixed motors and comprise a total of eight nominals sizes.

Compact design for limited installation spaces
Due to the compact planetary gearbox design with partially integrated hydraulic motor, the gearboxes MOBILEX GFW 5000 are perfectly suitable for the use in limited installation spaces. The gear units can be partly integrated into the rope drum together with the holding brake and the hydraulic motor. Thereby they have a well-protected position inside of the cable drum. The holding brake is optimally adapted to the respective nominal size of the hydraulic motor.

High resistance and robustness
Generously dimensioned tapered-roller bearings as well as a stronger design of all torque-transmitting components increase the operating safety of the machine and the lifetime of the components. Furthermore Bosch Rexroth uses case-hardened gear wheels and tempered, surface-hardened ring gears in this series of transmission units. This ensures a high durability, a high service life of the gear units even under harsh operating conditions and also a quiet running.


Customer specific design and high efficiency
Each gearbox design and its technical details is tailored to individual application-specific customer requirements. Therefore the best possible machine performance can be achieved. The winch drives MOBILEX GFW 5000 are characterized by a very high overall efficiency. Among other things, this is possible through the use of hydraulic motors from Rexroth. For example, the rotational characteristics of the transmission units GFW 5000 are significantly improved by the use of Rexroth variable motors A6VM/E series 71 compared to the predecessor series. By the use of the nine piston rotary group, an even more sensitive positioning of crane loads at low cable speeds is possible. On the other hand, high cable speeds allow an increased productivity through lower ratios at high loads.

Easy configuration and high availability
The modular concept allows a high availability as well as a wide range of nominal sizes and gear ratios. The winch drives MOBILEX GFW 5000 are well-suited to the respective application and cover an even wider range of torques than its predecessor series. It now ranges from 7,500 Nm to 105,000 Nm. Due to a large number of common parts within the series, the modular concept also ensures fast and easy configurations by a high quality of the units. Additionally the transmission units MOBILEX GFW 5000 are easy to install with low maintenance efforts and they also have an integrated multi-disk parking brake.