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Mobile Hydraulics


Manufactured according to the most demanding quality standards

Our components and solutions for mobile applications help manufacturers to meet the toughest emission regulations, increasing productivity and reliability at the same time. Shifting more and more functionalities into our controls software reduces complexity and enables regional design, manufacturing and customer specific variants.


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In focus products


A11V(L)O series 41
Overcenter operation and electronic compatibility. Suitable for use in electronified and hybridized applications.

Winch gears MOBILEX GFW 5000
Winch drives for challenging mobile and stationary applications. Compact design for limited installation spaces.


A4VG series 35
Electronified travel drive pump with high pressure level. Especially suitable for use in electronified travel drives thanks to integrated sensors.

A10VGT series 11
High reliability and robustness under the most extreme conditions and the reduction of the total cost of ownership.


A30VG series 10
Compact and efficient dual-circuit variable pump with differential lock function. It is particularly suitable for use in hydrostatic travel drives, such as found in municipal vehicles and construction machinery.

A24VG series 10
Variable double pump with highest pressure level. Very short double pump for limited installation space.


A10VER series 52
Reversible fan motor in open circuit. Compliance with emission regulations. Integrated reversing function for cooler cleaning.

A7VO series 63
High efficiency and high working pressures. The Rexroth A7VO series 63 features optimized rotary groups which improve the overall efficiency by 3 to 5 percent compared to common hydraulic pumps.


Travel drives GFT series 8000
The compact drive unit HYDROTRAC GFT Series 8000 for heavy-duty vehicles is a complete transmission unit, which is characterized by its simple installation. Typical target applications are sprayers, road pavers or heavy duty vehicles.

Load-sensing control block M4
Efficient work in every application through precise, sensitive control and good fine control range. High reliability in operations thanks to proven quality and extensive experience in the field.


Fixed motor A2FM series 70
Compact design with built-in flushing and boost-pressure valve. 3 pressure ranges to fit to different customer requirements and applications.

Variable displacement pump A1VO
Compact design with controller integrated into port plate. High flexibility as pumps can be combined using interchangeable through drive adapter (universal through drive). Fact sheet


External gear pump SILENCE PLUS
With their SILENCE PLUS Rexroth introduces a new generation of external gear pumps whose noise level has been reduced by an average of 15 dB(A) compared with a conventional external gear pump.