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MF-System - PRC 7000


By means of adaptive control algorithms, the new Rexroth welding control PRC7000 is optimally prepared to provide repeatable high welding spot quality. The welding of different combinations of sheet thicknesses and materials such as steel and aluminium is possible. With the precise adjustment of the welding current, spatter and expensive reworking can be avoided. Even today, handling, processing control, and monitoring functionalities are ready for future requirements of welding processes.

  • Efficient handling and diagnostics with PRI7000 software
  • Integrated web server facilitates operation and diagnostics via smart devices
  • Optimized programming, control,and monitoring functionalities for maximum welding spot quality
  • State-of-the-art performance electronics for maximum energy efficiency
  • Open system architecture with integrated application layer and servo-gun functionality

Welding Control for repeatable high welding spot quality and different combinations of sheet thickness and material