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I/O components


PS 6000 - flexibility with I/O

Open, manufacturer-independent bus systems will become established for I/O and communications applications as part of control and automation technology. The unique feature of the PS 6000 welding controller is its I/O flexibility. PS 6000 modules are flexible when it comes to designing the input and output assemblies. They can be equipped with a parallel I/O box or with standardized serial sensor actuator bus interfaces such as PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, and DEVICE NET. Simply connecting the respective assembly is all that is required to configure the PS 6000 control and power section modules.

This translates to a wide variety of applications along with a cost-effective way to realize future extensions or modernization measures.

Discrete I/O

24 V inputs (21x.):

24 V DC input signal "1": 24 V DC, +/- 15 %

Input signal "0": -1 V ... 2 V or open

All inputs have an indicator light

24 V outputs (13x):

24 V DC, load capacity as per the specifications in the performance specifications sheet. Interference must be suppressed when controlling inductive loads. All outputs have an indicator light.

Device Net

Serial I/O module via Device Net

Discrete 24 V input/output box with 8 inputs and outputs and a serial 32-bit input/output box via DeviceNet.

Profibus DP

Serial I/O module with input/output box via Comnet DP as per C0 profile

Discrete 24 V input/output box with 16 free inputs and 16 free outputs. Serial 32-bit input/output box via Profibus DP C0 profile.


I/O module with RS 232 interface for special robot connections

Serial V 24 interface

Fiber-optic interface

Serial Interbus S I/O module with air-water cooling

Remote bus with discrete 24 V input/output box

Eight (8) free input and outputs and a 32-bit serial input/output box via Interbus S as per C0 profile.