4WRLE-4X directional control valves, sizes 10/35

IndraMotion MLC 13VRS

Powerful and dynamic control

Total electrohydraulic control: the latest pilot-operated control valves are ideal for all moderate- and high-dynamics application – including the most demanding tasks as well as position, speed, pressure and force control. With high flow and a max. pressure of 350 bar, they are designed for a wide range of practical applications.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • Reliable: proven and robust design
  • Secure: main valve control spool spring-centered in neutral or offset position
  • High quality: pilot control valve control spool and sleeve in servo quality
  • Versatile: suitable for the position, speed, pressure and force control
  • Precise: high response sensitivity and low hysteresis
  • Fast: shorter cycle times, greater productivity
  • Flexible: with GoTo coverage for immediate delivery of preferred types

Useful information


Key technical data

  • Max. operating pressure: 350 bar
  • Max. rated flow: 1,500 l/min
  • Max. flow: 4,700 l/min
  • Ambient temperature range: –20 °C to +60 °C
  • Improved dynamic properties(jump response time and frequency response: -90°)