EMC electromechanical cylinder

EMC electromechanical cylinder

Compact, precise and highly flexible

Every detail of the EMC reflects the system expertise of Rexroth in the consistent integration of proven proprietary technologies. Result is an energy-efficient and flexible actuator whose external geometry and method of operation is similar to a pneumatic cylinder. More than just an alternative to pneumatic linear drives in many sectors.



Advantages resulting from special product features

  • Hygienic design: high resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Good sealing: IP65 rating, sealed against dirt and water from outside and lubrication leakage from the cylinder
  • Optimized lubrication concept: optional port for a onepoint lubrication system reduces downtime and saves time and money
  • High-precision ball screw assemblies: for high performance with maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Complete building system and great variability: ideally customizable to customer applications
  • Complete, turnkey system: less design and installation effort
  • Intelligent drive system for free programmability and implementation of complex traversing profiles

Key technical data

  • Dynamic load rating (Cdyn): 2.5 to 93 kN
  • Max. axial force: 55 kN (pull/push)
  • Max. traversing speed: 1.6 m/sec
  • Max. stroke: 1,500 mm
  • Protection rating: IP54, IP65 optional