Security information

Security instructions for the operation of automation technology in a networking environment

The operation of plants, systems and machines in a networking environment basically requires the implementation of a holistic concept for IT security that corresponds to the current state of the art.

In order to provide users with the best possible support with regard to the secure operation of Rexroth products, possible technical and organizational measures have been summarized in the following guideline:

Security Manual Electric Drives and Controls

Security routers FL MGUARD and TC MGUARD


Important product information for security routers FL MGUARD and TC MGUARD

The FL MGUARD and TC MGUARD safety devices sold by Bosch Rexroth are devices from Phoenix Contact that have been introduced as commercial goods. A security advisory has been published by the manufacturer, which indicates a critical security vulnerability in the point-to-point services.

It is strongly recommended to update the firmware version of the affected devices.

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Rexroth Fieldbus Coupler S20-PN-BK+/S20-ETH-BK


Important product information for Rexroth Fieldbus Coupler S20-PN-BK+/S20-ETH-BK


The S20-PN-BK+/S20-ETH-BK fieldbus couplers sold by Bosch Rexroth contain technology from Phoenix Contact. The manufacturer published a security bulletin [1] about a weakness in the web-based administration interface for managing the device properties. By exploiting the vulnerability, the device can be put into a state in which network queries are no longer answered. To restore the device to a funcional state, it must be restarted.


The vulnerability affects all available hardware revisions and all software versions.


When using the devices, it is therefore strongly recommended to implement the measures for network segmentation described in the DC Security Policy (see "Security Manual Electric Drives and Controls" [3]).


Further detailed technical information about the vulnerability can be found under [1], [2].



[1]: Security_Advirory_CVE-2018-16994.pdf

[2]: PSIRT information

[3]: Security Manual Electric Drives and Controls



IndraWorks - Installation problem


Important product information for IndraWorks


Microsoft has released important security updates (ThreatCon 6) for the Windows10 (KB4522015) and Windows 7 (KB4522007) operating systems.

The installation of these security updates led to an interrupt termination of an IndraWorks installation.


Reason: Security updates published by Microsoft lead to incorrect IndraWorks installations:

  • Windows 10: KB4522015
  • Windows 7: KB4522007, KB452415


Solution: Replace the above Microsoft security updates with newer versions:

  • Windows 10: KB4519338
  • Windows 7: KB4519976



Embedded Controls


Important Product Information for embedded Controls

For the VxWorks operating systems used in embedded controls by Bosch Rexroth, information about several critical vulnerabilities in the network protocol stack has been published on July 29, 2019. [1],[2]

The following devices are affected by the vulnerabilites:

- Embedded controls CML75 with an MLC/XLC firmware version < 14V22 Patch 4,

- Embedded controls XM21, XM22, XM42 with an MLC firmware version < 14V22 Patch 4,

- Industrial PC VPB40.4 with a firmware version < 14V22 Patch 4,

- Embedded controls CML75, CML85 with an MTX firmware version (all versions)

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IndraWorks Operation (WinStudio)


Important Product Information for Bosch Rexroth IndraWorks Operation (WinStudio)

IndraWorks, the Bosch Rexroth Engineering and operating software, provides WinStudio to develop visualization applications. WinStudio contains the InduSoft Web Studio technology. On February 4, 2019 , AVEVA Software, LLC. "("AVEVA"), the InduSoft Web Studio manufacturer published a security bulletin [1] containing information about a critical security vulnerability in Web Studio.

This vulnerability also affects:

- all projects created with Winstudio versions prior to 7.4 SP1.

- all projects created with IndraWorks versions prior to 15V02.

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Security Manual


IndraWorks Operation (WinStudio)


Important product information for Bosch Rexroth IndraWorks Operation (WinStudio)

The Bosch Rexroth engineering- and operating software IndraWorks provides WinStudio for the development of visualization applications. WinStudio includes technology from InduSoft Web Studio. On 10/31/2018 AVEVA Software, LLC. (“AVEVA”), the vendor of InduSoft Web Studio, published a security bulletin [2] with information about a critical security vulnerability in Web Studio.

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Meltdown / Spectre


General Information on Meltdown / Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre can be used to steal sensitive information. Basic measures to protect against malware are described in the DC Security-guideline. According to the actual state of knowledge embedded systems like CML75 only have a higher risk of vulnerability in case the device is additionally infected with malicious code.

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Important product information for Bosch Rexroth IndraWorks Engineering

The Windows-Security-Patches for the risks Meltdown and Spectre seriously compromise the usability and functionality of the Bosch Rexroth engineering- and operating software IndraWorks.

It prevents the start of internal service programs and dialog fields as well as the communication with controls and drives. Reason for that is a mistake on part of Microsoft. Microsoft is working on a solution. We demand, not to install these patches on devices, which use IndraWorks. The installation of the patches through automatic updates needs to be prevented in cooperation with the responsible IT specialists. Instead, it has to be waited until an accurate patch from Microsoft is available.

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Updated product information for Bosch Rexroth IndraWorks Engineering and IndraWorks Operation

This malfunction does only affect the operating systems Windows 8 and Windows 10. The operating system Windows 7 is not, like we orginally published, affected.

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How Rexroth HMI products are at risk from WannaCry ransomware

Industrial PC and embedded PC devices with Windows operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 and an operating system version older than March 2017, are susceptible to remote code execution via SMB.

Currently, “WannaCry” ransomware exploits this weakness in order to distribute malware and to encrypt data of affected systems.

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