Modernization by Bosch Rexroth


The best customized solutions for system modernization – from Retrofit to Industry 4.0

After several years of operation, machines are no longer state of the art, consume more energy than necessary, do no longer meet today’s requirements on productivity, and become less reliable. In such cases, Rexroth offers different customized solutions with a digital approach and dedicated support.

Retrofit of components – little effort, great effects

Retrofit Magnifier

If individual components have to be replaced, Retrofit measures often can solve the issue. Rexroth specialists replace obsolete automation components and modules with modern and more powerful variants. With little effort your business benefits from the considerably increased productivity and availability of your machine.


Modernization of machines – without expensive investments

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Steps of Modernization

A more fundamental modernization solution might be necessary for older machines to decrease the risk of downtimes. This brings machines up to the current state of technology with little effort and thus avoids significantly more expensive new investments. Rexroth experts replace your outdated components and legacy systems with a modern automation solution, take care of the commission and carry out all required programming tasks tailored towards your software architecture. This optimizes cycle times and reduces energy consumption.

Upgrading enterprises to Industry 4.0 – quick and cost-effective

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Upgrade to Industry 4.0

As a leading supplier and user of Industry 4.0 technologies, Bosch Rexroth makes your enterprise and management fit for the challenges of the connected automation, quickly and cost-effectively. Industry 4.0 is applied when the machine is still too new to undergo a complete modernization. With our decentralized, integration-oriented product and service portfolio, we accelerate your communication and facilitate real-time data exchange.


Work more economically, more energy-efficiently – and safer

With Bosch Rexroth at your side you will benefit from a strong partner in the future. After Rexroth modernization measures, machines and systems work considerably more economically and energy-efficiently with extended life cycles. They also meet all currently applicable national and international machine safety regulations.

If you would like to get further information about system modernization by Bosch Rexroth, migration and the transformation process itself, please contact us by using the Service Hotline or order our service brochure!