Upgrade or repair your Hägglunds Marathon motors

Upgrade or repair your Hägglunds Marathon motors

Hägglunds Marathon motors are no longer being produced, so now more than ever it is necessary to protect your investment. There are several options available for you.

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Connect with us to discuss the best solution for modernizing your existing Hägglunds Drive System. We have many options for helping you keep your Hägglunds Drive System running at its best performance.

Take this opportunity to modernize your existing Hägglunds Drive System in one easy move. There has never been a better time to secure the best in motor performance.

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Bosch Rexroth can help you to upgrade your Marathon to our new Hägglunds CBm motor with an Easy Replacement Kit, which includes Hägglunds CBm motor, standard torque arm and our mounting kit.


Hägglunds Original service repair of your Marathon motors. We provide an “as new” factory warranty with each repair.

Oil Analysis

Hydraulic reliability starts with the operating fluid

Fitness Check

an non-intrusive review of the system while in production to identify potential problem areas

Reliability Check & PM

During a scheduled downturn, correct deficiencies identified during Fitness Check, additionally perform a series of analytic tests, inspections, & PMs

Connect your drives

Real-time condition monitoring of specific system parameters for early detection of potential problems

Opportunity to discuss your specific requirements

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