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    Time is money, and we understand our customers’ need for instant support. Immediate advice from our product and application experts can be the key to optimizing production and maximizing uptime. We make it available through a unique tool: Hägglunds Insight Live. This innovative and visual remote service platform is based on augmented reality.

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Hägglunds InSight Live

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Hägglunds Insight Live gives you the advantages of having a Hägglunds expert on site for troubleshooting or service work, but without any waiting times or travel costs.

How does it work?

With Hägglunds Insight Live, your own maintenance team troubleshoots, adjusts settings or performs emergency tasks with guidance from Hägglunds specialists. Using a simple app on a smartphone, tablet or laptop – or a pair of video goggles for a hands-free experience – your engineer works directly with one of our in-house service experts.

Via the device’s camera, our expert sees exactly what your engineer sees. In addition, our expert can interact visually through the app, appearing on your engineer’s screen as part of the image. In this way, our expert can not only give audio instructions, but also point out the actions that need to be taken on your equipment.

Our offer to you

We offer InSight Live as part of our service agreement program. Its purpose is to reduce your total cost of ownership, in part by keeping your field service costs to an absolute minimum. You get the instant support you need, but without the expense of an expert travelling to you.

InSight Live is a part of Hägglunds Inside Intelligence, a suite of condition-based tools and services designed to unlock your drive system’s full potential.