Fluid Management

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Predictive Services

Your benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to the adjustment to requirements
  • Maximum system availability with a high level of cost-effectiveness at the same time due to machine condition monitoring and the introduction of appropriate measures in response
  • Improved energy efficiency and machine safety

Ideal fluid management – save costs with reliable filtration technology

Acceptable operating liquid at any time is an important criteria for full functionality of your machines and plants avoiding expensive damages and machine downtimes. The broad portfolio of Rexroth consisting of filters and cleaning systems for hydraulic oil as well as lubricant applications ensures ideal operation conditions across the whole life cycle of your machinery. This reduces the total cost of ownership for you.

In filtration technology Rexroth reduces the total operation costs significantly for you. An ideal cleaning enlarges the lifetime of the liquids obviously and at the same time lowers disposal fees. A condition monitoring system of Rexroth allows a remote inquiry about the current degree of contamination, moisture, etc. It enables to schedule service operations and at the same time avoids dissipation by unnecessary often and fixed change intervals.

VacuClean © is a patented process to remove water, gases, and solid particles of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and other service fluids in a operation. The low-priced rental of VacuClean allows you to stay flexible.

Our products

  • Covering all from filter elements to dehydration facilities for fluids
  • Innovative sensors and remote diagnosis possibilities allow to monitor the quality and especially the cleanliness of the fluids at any time
  • Rental equipment e.g. VacuClean
  • Report of condition monitoring systems in case of critical conditions
  • Initiation of necessary measures
  • Considering international rules and standards