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Comprehensive range of learning media in printed and digital versions

Expand your knowledge with Rexroth's learning media and technical books. With a comprehensive range of media in printed and digital versions, Rexroth ensures qualified knowledge transfer across all channels. The media can be used for preparation, during and as follow-up to teaching and training, as a resource for trainers, and for independent eLearning and eTraining. You can purchase them in our eShop .

Rexroth provides a large selection of teaching and learning media and tools for the areas of electric drive and control technology, hydraulics, pneumatics, mobile applications, automation and mechatronics and linear and assembly technology.

Rexroth provides training and learning media that incorporating very latest technology, while maintaining a strong practical relevance. As a result, it includes state of the art eLearning and eTraining modules which are using a lot of animations and simulation-based learning units. We also supply technical books and manuals, e-books, apps and software.

In addition you can find here modern e-training media for Industry 4.0 such as animations and application films.These practically illustrate typical applications of Industry 4.0 networked processes. Read more here.

Media catalog

This catalog contains a comprehensive offer for both the next generation of technical talent and already successful professionals.


Videos and animations

Videos and interactive 2D and 3D animations illustrate complex sequences of movements and highlight complicated technical relationships.

Guest access is available at:

Available at our eShop: Movies


Software, software-based teaching and learning media, and apps are key components of expert knowledge transfer at Rexroth – not just independent eLearning.

Available at our eShop: Construction / Simulation / Calculating programs

Available at our product catalog: MTX trainer (free download)



Whilst documents in e-book format have become standard, technical books and manuals, dictionaries and teaching material and resources in printed form will remain part of the Drive & Control Academy portfolio in the future.

Available at our eShop: Text/Fact books and dictionaries

Available at Manual about implementing functional safety acc. to ISO 13849 / Hydraulic Trainer Vol. 1


Working material

Working material by Rexroth simplifies the realization of hydraulic-diagrams and their interpretation.

Poster / Graphic training aid

The functional principle of Rexroth products is vividly and compactly displayed on poster and graphic training aid.

Media Directory

Find and download promotional media and technical documentations in the Media Directory from Rexroth.

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