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Pneumatic training systems
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WS200 training system


Training systems, workstations and standard components for Pneumatics

Rexroth's hands-on Pneumatics training systems consist of workstations and industrial standard components. The training systems are modular, compact and upgradeable, for a better understanding of processes and practice oriented experience. For a better understanding with hands-on experience and testing, Rexroth offers you a range of carrier systems with the patented "Snap-In" holder and a range of device sets for different learning topics, such as manual operated pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and closed loop technology.

The WS200 training system – modular, compact, upgradable

The new WS200 training system by Rexroth provides you with an ideal and inexpensive gateway to Rexroth's encyclopedic world of knowledge. The WS200 is a compact entry-level solution which covers all technologies and therefore is immensely versatile. Its clear structure gives you easy access to the world of hydraulics, pneumatics and automation.

WS200 is so flexible, it can easily be customized to meet the specific requirements of companies and teaching institutions, not to mention its excellent adaptability to a broad range of learning topics. In combination with teaching and learning resources, this modular and upgradable system provides individually tailored training and qualification programs for all levels from beginner to professional.


EcoCase: Case which can be used as a working surface at the same time

In this case the storage system turns into a workstation. When the case is flipped open, the two outsides of the base and the cover can be used as a working surface.

EcoDesk: Mobile component carrier with two workstations usable on each desk

EcoDesk offers two workstations and requires a desk for setting down on. The electrics strip allows the assembly area to be enlarged and the electrical components to be used somewhat separated from the drive system.


DS3: Mobile component carrier with two workstations

The DS3 is a mobile component carrier which offers two independent workstations. The DS3 provides a surface beneath the workstation itself for hanging components which are not required. The DS3 can also be equipped with a support arm for a monitor, cable holders, an integrated power pack and an electrics strip.

Learning topics: Assembly of components and referring exercises

The learning topics start with manual/pneumatic valves, followed by electric valves and the use of a PLC in a control circuit or in a pneumatic handling system.