The requirements in terms of productivity, comfort and safety of mobile machines are increasing. There are often not enough trained staff available on construction sites. As a result, more than ever, drivers have to be able to quickly and flexibly switch between various different machines and operate them efficiently. We can help to make their working day easier with our assistance systems and semi-automated solutions.

Return to dig – Efficient and comfortable

Example of the wheeled loader: The driver no longer has to move the loader back to the initial position himself. He can simply press a button and the lift and tilt automatically return to their position. This saves time and is more comfortable.

Improved safety due to Surround Sensing System

On every construction site, there are lots of dangerous areas where we can help machine operators with our assistance systems, such as Bosch's Surround Sensing System. This enables us to prevent collisions, for example when drivers are reversing at narrow construction sites. This is a real plus in terms of human and machine safety.