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Simulated Reality


July 2017


Learning to fly, improving vehicles or training for emergency situations: Simulators bring reality into the laboratory. Since 1986, the motion simulation experts from Bosch Rexroth at Boxtel in the Netherlands have been supplying the appropriate systems.

Higher, faster, further – that’s how you could summarize the technical development in vehicle and flight simulators. New, more powerful systems are coming onto the market every year. Higher acceleration, a robust, stable, and energy-efficient overall system at reasonable prices – these are the requirements that the 850 Bosch Rexroth employees in the Netherlands have had to meet for more than 30 years. A look at the load capacity gives an impressive reflection of developments. While it was still around 1,000 kilograms in 2003, systems with a maximum permissible total mass of up to 14,000 kilograms are being produced today. In 1996, the change from purely hydraulic to electric systems was made with the eMotion 2500 platform. The new technology impressed with its reduced space requirement, lower noise level, and easier installation and service. Since 1986, Bosch Rexroth has installed 450 simulation systems worldwide, 50 of them in the last two years alone.


Flight simulator for the Netherlands Aerospace Center, NLR Magnifier

Flight simulator for the Netherlands Aerospace Center, NLR

For the training of pilots, Bosch Rexroth developed the first simulator to feature motion simulation technology based on a hexapod and hydraulic actuators.



Train simulator for Deutsche Bahn Magnifier

Train simulator for Deutsche Bahn

For this project, an electric drive system was used for the first time: the eMotion 2500 platform with electric servo motors and screw assemblies from Rexroth.


Simulator for Lufthansa to train cabin crew Magnifier

Simulator for Lufthansa to train cabin crew

Because of the high load capacity, the engineers used a completely hydraulic solution. The combination of hydraulic actuators, guillotines and A-frame ensured maximum freedom of movement and stability.



Driving simulator for Renault Magnifier

Driving simulator for Renault

For this project, the developers combined an x-y table with a hexapod for the first time. The system provided greater freedom of movement and more realistic simulation – all at low cost thanks to the use of standard components.


Flight simulator for pilots Magnifier

Flight simulator for pilots

Premiere of the eMotion 8000 electric platform. The level D certified system met the demanding requirements for extremely smooth running and low noise levels.


A look into to the future

Since 2014, the eMotion 2700 electric platform has offered greater power, precision and speed at a significantly lower price. This was made possible by a redesign with a much simpler actuator design. The developments continue – eMotion 14000 is the technology for the future. The flight simulator system with a load capacity of 14,000 kilograms is currently in development and will be available in the second half of 2017. Standard components from Rexroth improve the price-performance ratio.