Factory automation: Energy efficient and productive


Lowering operating costs and raising throughput with Rexroth 4EE

Short cycle times and maximum productivity: that is what machine users have always been calling for. In addition, they are now increasingly looking for lower energy consumption. With Rexroth 4EE, Bosch Rexroth combines these seemingly contradictory requirements into perfect solutions. Our industry specialists already lend support while the machines are being designed in order to help maximize the energy efficiency of the overall system. For example: assistants that are integrated into the control system. They measure the duration and energy consumption of each and every movement. This gives you, the machine manufacturer, the information you need in order to optimize both cycle time and energy efficiency. Moreover, with energy on demand, energy recovery, and more efficient components, you leverage all potential energy savings in factory automation.

Systematic approach

• Mechatronic support in the concept development phase

• Holistic approach

• Optimized motion control

• Energy efficiency consulting


Our solutions for increasing energy efficiency in production


Demand control for hydraulic auxiliary drives saves up to 80 percent energy.

Smart Energy Mode

Smart Energy Mode

The intelligent energy management in our drives prevents peak loads on the mains side and reduces losses in the mains connection line.

Energy efficiency at high performance:

Large Electric Drives up to 4 megawatts.


Energy Efficient Motors

In all transfer systems the efficiency class of the future.

IndraMotion MTX efficiency workbench

Software assistants increase energy efficiency with short cycle times.


Increasing energy efficiency with a systematic approach

Package distribution system

Decentralized drive systems and energy recovery lower operating costs on a long-term basis

Machining center

Machining: Increasing the energy efficiency of auxiliary movements and thereby lowering overall energy consumption

Packaging plant

Integrated concepts for energy recovery supply or recover additional power as needed


Taking energy efficiency into account already in the concept development phase

Our industry specialists support you right from the initial idea and help you incorporate energy efficiency considerations from the outset. This includes state-of-the art simulation tools, proper sizing of all components, and extensive application experience.

Energy efficiency and productivity go together well

With Rexroth 4EE multi-technology approach, you will accomplish two key objectives: higher energy efficiency and maximum productivity.