Combining Energy Efficient Products into Smart Solutions


Rexroth 4EE: Doing more with less energy

Do you want to increase the energy efficiency of your systems already during the concept development phase? Do you want to generate power on demand and recover braking energy? You can do all that on the basis of components and modules whose efficiency has been consistently optimized. Rexroth offers numerous hardware and software products that allow OEMs and end users to increase their energy efficiency – while at the same time maximizing productivity. And what's more: The efficiencies of the individual products are cumulative, adding up to optimized system solutions. Using our energy efficient products and our application know-how will allow you to increase your energy efficiency.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Components with optimized efficiency
  • Energy on demand
  • Energy recovery
  • Energy efficient system design



Diesel Hydraulic Control (DHC) integrates working and drive hydraulics with the diesel engine management system. Result: Fuel economy is improved by up to 20 %.


Virtual Bleed Off allows excavators to be controlled with a measurable improvement in energy efficiency and lowers fuel consumption by more than 10 percent, depending on the model.


The best of two worlds: HVT combines the advantages of hydrostatic and mechanical travel drives.



Variable speed pump drives lower energy consumption by up to 80 percent.

Drives with Smart Energy Mode

Recovering energy intelligently and making optimal use of it.

Energy efficiency at high performance:

Large Electric Drives up to 4 megawatts.


IndraMotion MTX efficiency workbench

Software assistants increase energy efficiency with short cycle times.

Energy Efficient Motors

In all transfer systems the efficiency class of the future.