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You can always achieve better performance, better ergonomics, less downtime and a higher degree of flexibility with Safety on Board.

Rexroth 4EE bundles, structures and focuses multiplicity technologies and solutions, that accounts to use energy intelligent.

Industry 4.0 creates new opportunities through merging decentralized intelligence, fast connectivity, open standards, real-time integration and autonomous behavior.

In a world of constant motion, there are always new goals to reach, new results to achieve. Our people are passionate to solve your most demanding tasks.

Trends and Topics



Humans and machines: the best of friends


The human-machine interface is increasingly important in networked production. To enable the protagonists of the smart factory to cooperate smoothly and in a safe environment, they need to find a common language that allows for intuitive and unambiguous communication.


Digital assistant for the real world

Whether for stationary manufacturing facilities or mobile work devices: Bosch Rexroth offers human machine interfaces that are functional and comfortable to use.

„We need an intimate relationship to machines.“

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Gronau from the University of Potsdam knows the requirements for the human-machine interface of the future from his research.



Hydraulic solution for Mexican dam


At the Mexican Malpaso Dam, Bosch Rexroth engineers replace worn out electromechanical drives on the spillway gates. The hydraulic solution is a blueprint for the future retrofitting of dams.


Hydrostatic power splitting transmission optimizes reach stacker


Kalmar was looking for an alternative ultra energy-efficient hybrid-type of drive for its successful 'Gloria' reach stacker series. The solution was a new drive train system that combines well-proven efficient transmission technologies – hydrostatic and hydro-mechanical – with smart programming.



Plow companion

Electronic hitch controls have been a core function for tractors for decades. They facilitate the work of farmers and increase productivity.



“Why aren't we doing that?!”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gebhardt has been dealing with additive manufacturing technologies since the 1990s. In this interview he talks about the potential, risks and development of the procedures. He expects drastic changes in industrial production and calls for greater consistency in thought and in training.



Highest precision and speed in watch manufacturing

The new milling center for watch components of the Swiss machine tool manufacturer Bumotec works quickly and accurately. The drive and control technology for the company was developed in close partnership with Bosch Rexroth.



Hydraulic systems for steel works in India

In hardly any other industry are conditions as extreme as those faced in metallurgy. Bosch Rexroth supplied unprecedented numbers of hydraulic parts for one steel works in India. Thanks to customized solutions, they are also doing their job reliably even in harsh environments.



Safe and flexible printing

The Czech machine manufacturer SOMA Engineering relies on safety technology from Rexroth for its central impression flexo printing machines.



Up the Eiffel Tower with more efficient hydraulics

During the renewal of the elevator in the West pillar of the Eiffel Tower, the operators relied on Bosch Rexroth's know-how.



Machines with a true profile: drive, control and assembly technology from a single source

Machines built by NuLine, a U.S.-based company, produce large plastic bags used to line transportation containers. Rexroth technology helped NuLine create a high-performance, visually-appealing next generation.



The integrated production

Industry 4.0 extends over the entirety of value creation: from the order, the supply of components for the actual production to shipment to customers and after-sales services. People, machines, and IT systems automatically exchange information for manufacturing products. The basic requirements are decentralized intelligence and open standards for programming and exchanging data.



Smart Factory: local production, controlled anywhere

The answer to increasing variety, ever-smaller batch sizes and huge fluctuations in demand is the Smart Factory. But the Smart Factory is not only optimized for local manufacturing, it is also connected to an international network.



Apply internationally, adapt locally

On the way to Industry 4.0, Bosch Rexroth is collecting valuable practical experience via the application at its own plants around the world. The goal: the networked Smart Factory.



“We are demonstrating the feasibility.”

Professor Detlef Zühlke has been working on components for the Smart Factory since 2005. With an example factory at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, he demonstrates that the Smart Factory is feasible.



Development workers

Injection molding machines (SGM) are indispensable in plastics processing. Since the industry realized their importance in the 1950s, Bosch Rexroth has supported their further development in close cooperation with machine manufacturers and has pushed ahead.



“Team spirit will increasingly take center stage.”

Companies need to make product development and design more agile and also call established methods into question, according to Prof. Dr.-ing. Dr. h. c. Albert Albers. Here he gives us an overview of which changes are coming and how they can be handled.



IndraMotion MTX advanced controls the efficient rotary transfer machine

Up to 144 axes simultaneously rotate, drill and saw metal workpieces in the electro-hydraulic rotary transfer machines from Pfiffner with just one CNC control – thanks to the IndraMotion MTX advanced.



Fast service for railroad hydraulics

48 hours. That’s how much time the Bosch Rexroth service team in China had to do the maintenance for the hydraulics at an important junction in the rail network. It was a job for professionals.



Rexroth CNC system solution controls machines for the production of jewelry

Solanki Mechanical Works develops CNC machines for the production of jewelry. The IndraMotion MTX performance drive and control solution from Rexroth coordinates all of the work steps involved.



Sizing presses from Frey re-press sintered parts

Sizing presses from Frey bring sintered components into their final form. Electro-hydraulic plug-and-run axes from Rexroth provide help.



Fast Finishing in Digital Printing

Machines for print finishing need to keep pace with the progress in digital printing in terms of speed and flexibility. VITS International, a company from the United States, has created an innovative solution for this with the help of a complete solution from Bosch Rexroth.



Radial piston motors for producing rubber

When it comes to optimally kneading and rolling various rubber mixtures, powerful drives are called for. KRAIBURG, a specialist in individual rubber mixtures, uses Hägglunds drives from Rexroth for this very reason.



Linear motion technology supports precise 3D printing

3D printers from voxeljet meet the highest accuracy standards thanks to durable linear motion technology from Rexroth.



Oil under pressure

Hydraulic fluids have a significant impact on the wear characteristics of hydraulic components, in particular pumps and motors. With the rapidly evolving and increasing demands on hydraulic systems, the standards do not always keep up. Therefore, Bosch Rexroth now offers a new evaluation method on the cutting edge of technology.



Networking and investing: Moving one step at a time toward Industry 4.0

Strenuous efforts have to be made when networking the entire value chain. And these steps are certainly worth taking.



The path: quick, short steps

With its dual strategy, Bosch Rexroth is focusing on economically viable Industry 4.0 solutions.



“Business models are lacking at the moment.”

Wolfgang Blome issues two pleas: that Industry 4.0 be implemented in practice at plants and that businesses continue to think about drawing up new business models.



Smart: no control cabinets

For decades, Bosch Rexroth’s intelligent drive solutions have been making a contribution toward innovative machine concepts. New modular concepts for drive technology can be achieved using the IndraDrive Mi – entirely without any need for control cabinets.



“Making repairs is no longer enough.”

Technical service in the mechanical engineering industry sector is facing a tremendous change, calling for new structures, business models and staffing – says Bernd Bienzeisler of the innovation network known as “Service Platform Machine”.



Gently does it

The FLOWTOS machine made by Winkler+Dünnebier produces as many as 4,600 paper tissues a minute. Bosch Rexroth was involved in the development of the latest generation of the machines – from the planning stages through to market introduction.



Marine cranes: Boosting efficiency with an overall hydraulic concept

The development process for a marine crane involves many difficult decisions. But drawing upon a complete system, designed for individual adaptation, manufacturers like Tsuji can spare themselves many such decisions.



Racing against earthquakes

An ultra-modern earthquake research center was built from scratch in Messina in Italy within the space of one year. Engineers from Bosch Rexroth coordinated the project. The company designed the overall system and also supplied all the components for the earthquake simulators.



JST station processes silicon to purified form

A 42-meters-long wet bench silicon cleaning station built by JST Manufacturing makes silicon ready for semiconductor manufacturing – and makes it as clean as possible.



New hydraulics for civil engineering site in Iraq

In Iraq Bosch Rexroth has modernized a complex hydraulic system, which – in a combination of dam, lock and a rotating bridge – protects vegetation against seawater and makes inland transportation of goods possible.



Hydraulics for the beet harvester

The Tiger 5 is Ropa’s top-of-the-line model in the range of full-function harvesters for sugar beets. This giant, 15 meters tall, provides convincing qualities with its stepless drive train and, thanks to the hydraulics, is sure-footed even on slopes.



Customized and ready for installation: Hydraulic containers for steel production

It was to industrial giant Tata Steel that Bosch Rexroth delivered four hydraulic containers, ready for connection, with all the drive and control technology associated with coke transfer machines. This solution was not only designed to meet the requirements in India, but was also produced there for the first time.



Nine steps to the proper drive

Essential to designing drives are a fully structured approach, well-founded knowledge of the formulae, and a fundamental understanding of the technology. They are the prerequisites for perfect matching of the machine and the drive.



Energy efficiency at the next level: keeping an eye on the entire value stream

Enhanced energy efficiency is – and will continue to be – both a technical and economic challenge. It is critical to success for manufacturing companies. The current focus is broadening – no longer concentrating on the individual machine but embracing the entire value stream. The goal is to exploit further potentials for efficiency.



That's how it is: six surprising capabilities of modern hydraulics

Anyone gaining only a superfluous familiarity with fluid technology will easily underestimate the performance and intelligence of modern hydraulics. Who would think that this technology is highly precise, energy-efficient, and ready today for Industry 4.0 applications? Here are six capabilities of a strong drive technology, which probably come as a surprise for many



Success far from the shore

For more than 40 years now, Bosch Rexroth has supplied hydraulic components for use offshore. In order to further broaden expertise in this segment the firm has, since mid-1977, been represented by a regional subsidiary in the Netherlands, where a team of specialists is responsible for many major projects.



“You need the courage to accept mistakes!”

In the future, new and innovative products will no longer be sufficient to ensure that a company is successful. This claim is made by Prof. Karolin Frankenberger of the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.



Energy-efficient hydraulics for a sawmill

No matter how the Idaho Forest Group turns and moves the wood it processes – the Sytronix family by Rexroth lets the mill operator increase productivity and save a lot of energy.



Hamm roller-compactors put their faith in the GFT 8000 gearbox

Rexroth components keep things rolling in the compactors built by the Hamm AG.



With two CNC channels for perfect engraving

In order to grind glass both safely and exactly, Glassman Machinery in Beijing uses CNC controls that can make dynamic corrections for the tool.



IndraDrive Mi: High throughput rates in sandwich packaging

Kangaroo Brands Inc. packages seven types of sandwiches in cartons of four different sizes. To achieve both quick changes from one product to another and a high throughput rate, the company uses a packaging machine featuring Rexroth automation.



Electro-hydraulic drives for the tandem locks at Münster

The tandem locks are an important gateway for European shipping and, owing to the design with two parallel chambers, they conserve both water and energy.



Sugar production with a rock-solid CBM motor

Hydraulic direct drives built by Rexroth form the basis for dependable operations at an Indonesian sugar mill – and by doing so they secure the livelihood of thousands of farmers.



Active heave compensation for offshore missions

Technical assistance is essential whenever equipment weighing many tons is to be placed on the seabed. SBM puts its faith in active heave compensation made by Rexroth.



Interdisciplinary and trend-setting

Mechatronic systems have long since become perfectly normal – but what exactly is mechatronics?



The user is king: User experience makes for differentiation

In the field of mechanical and plant engineering, the way in which users experience products and their manufacturers is an important differentiating feature, especially when products’ technical details are quite similar. Inducing enthusiasm among customers is a major key to success.



“You cannot dictate wellbeing.”

In order to be able to manufacture products appropriate to their users, the company first has to adopt the right attitude, says Marc Hassenzahl, professor of experience design at the Folkwang University in Essen, Germany.



Growing together

The electric motor and the hydraulic cylinder have been an integral part of mechanical engineering for more than 100 years. Joining the best of both technologies gives rise to solutions for the future.



Interacting with contents

Controlling machines and processes freehand: Augmented Reality joins virtual content with reality and offers many options for use in industry. What are they? That’s something Dr. Philipp Klimant of the Chemnitz University of Technology knows all about.



A quicker path to custom test beds

Kraus Automatisierungs-Technik GmbH uses Open Core Engineering toproduce tailor-made test beds.



Turbocharged calculations

Drawing on a CNC concept by Rexroth, ABB Turbo Systems produces the turbine blades for turbochargers both quickly and precisely.



Dashing through the fields

The new agricultural sprayer built by Stara features a hydrostatic drive, so that travel is as comfortable as in a passenger car.



Power turns

Horizontal directional drilling requires powerful, compact and reliable drill string drives.



A lean cutup

The new SL600 slicer is powered by IndraDrive Mi drives. This means that cheese and cold cuts can be sliced exactly to the gram. And they occupy far less space.



Cost-cutting pressures relieved

When building water jet cutting units, Projet System makes use of the benefits inherent to the quiet Sytronix variable-speed pumps.



The swift seat solution

At its plant in India, automotive supplier Johnson Controls uses the TS 2plus transfer system for seat assembly.



A heart for excavators

The RS control block platform turns compact excavators into highly responsive energy savers.



Diverse standards around the globe

A survey of the differing regional approaches to achieving machine safety.



5 Things We Can Do Without in the Industry by 2025

A bit more than ten years ago, many companies discussed whether the expenses for the Internet would ever pay off. Today, any company not using Internet technologies intensively, would be cut off from its customers and suppliers.



Time to market: How software makes us faster

Shorter product life cycles and smaller batch sizes are exerting tremendous pressure on industry. But with innovative software concepts, even a one-off item can be manufactured quickly and profitably.



At home around the world

More than 100 years ago, Rexroth products made their way into the wide, wide world. We want to show you how the company developed to become both a global player and local vendor.



“Make your development process public!”

He issues a call for greater transparency and finds that businesses could learn a great deal from interpersonal relationships. Corporate consultant Jerry Michalski redefines “customer centricity”.



Full control, with an app

Operating machinery simply by tilting a tablet PC. Does that sound like something from the future? At Glaub Automation & Engineering that has already become reality, thanks to Open Core Engineering.



A powerhouse

Using a system solution devised by Rexroth, a Chinese manufacturer aims to improve the efficiency of its wheeled loader.



Fuel-saver on the high seas

With the Turbo Hydraulic System from a Japanese shipbuilder, fuel consumption in maritime travel can be reduced all around the world.



Lasting the life of a forklift

Hydrostatic drives improve not only the efficiency but also the driving and working properties of counterbalance forklifts. Daniel Rösch, of the product management at Jungheinrich Moosburg GmbH, reports on advantages and new developments.



Prints everything

Regardless of whether paper, cardboard or film, the flexographic printing presses made by Expert, an Italian manufacturer, lend appeal to packaging.




Using the VarioFlow chain conveyor system, headliners for passenger cars are moved automatically from one machining station to the next.



The purity requirement

They are miniscule, but they can bring an entire system to a screeching stop: dirt particles in hydraulic fluid. The right choice of hydraulic system filters and proper service ease the situation.


Energy efficiency: Mechanical engineers seek to balance customer wishes and cost constraints

Energy efficiency: Mechanical engineers seek to balance customer wishes and cost constraints

Mechanical engineering companies are feeling double pressures in developing energy-efficient machines. On the one hand, there are statutory regulations and one’s own cost targets to be met, while on the other hand customers simply pass along their own efficiency requirements for the machine companies to deal with. A status report.


Quality management: On the test stand

Quality management: On the test stand

Quality has always been one of Bosch Rexroth’s decisive standards. Test methods, however, have changed radically over the years.


Generation management: Getting young and old to pull together

Generation management: Getting young and old to pull together

Companies must respond to different generations’ requirements to remain successful – says Prof. Martin Klaffke.


Appropriate technology for India

Appropriate technology for India

Monsoons, heat, dust. Why the Electrohydraulic Hitch Control has been so successful in India in spite of extreme weather conditions. A report by Raman Sheshadri and Uwe Falkenhain.


The world’s fastest ice cream packaging machine

The world’s fastest ice cream packaging machine

Fast cycle times and quick to market: Weyhmüller GmbH has developed the world’s fastest ice-cream packing machine.


Hydrodynamic research: Waves at the push of a button

Hydrodynamic research: Waves at the push of a button

The world’s largest oceanic laboratories make ships and offshore platforms fit for the tough conditions on the high seas.


Harmonized axes

Harmonized axes

The Seppelfricke Company has reduced cycle times by as much as 84 percent by using a rotary table system to machine its fittings.


A turn for the better

A turn for the better

A hydraulic distributor feeds raw material into blast furnaces quickly and at millimeter precision, even under extreme environmental conditions.


A bright idea

A bright idea

The machine tool specialists at Kleinknecht texturize rollers with sparks to ensure that sheet metal can be painted more efficiently.


Precision wood working

Precision wood working

An Italian manufacturer of wood processing machines has gone for precision components in his latest series.


Secondary controlled drives: dynamic, efficient, precise and versatile

Secondary controlled drives: dynamic, efficient, precise and versatile

How secondarycontrol drives conquer yet another field.



Machine safety: Protecting people, spurring markets.

The safety built into machinery is being advanced around the globe by adopting norms and standards. This affects access to international markets. This supposed hindrance also harbors many chances.


Master mason

For more than 40 years now, hydraulic systems by Rexroth have lent a hand in the form of concrete pumps when erecting large buildings. An overview.


The future can be planned

The introduction of technical innovations can be guided and adapted to people’s needs. At least that is the claim put forth by university professor Dr. Weissenberger-Eibl.


Christmas in a rolling mill

Unwavering commitment was needed to update machine safety equipment in a steel rolling mill.


A speedy beauty

The carousel system of an Italian component manufacturer mounts and tests the safety valves of dishwashing machines – and is more productive than ever before.


Pumping to record heights

A new, mobile concrete pump moves this building material to heights of more than 100 meters – and has won an entry in Guinness World Records.


Quality on prescription

When producing pouches for medical products, exact monitoring is vital – for all the components used.


Joining two worlds!

With its Open Core Interface, Rexroth is building a bridge between the PLC and IT worlds and gives users new freedoms. Norbert Sasse and Thomas Gabler report on the challenges encountered during development.

Safe and sure tightening

Safe and sure tightening

Power screwdrivers by Rexroth ensure that the gasoline-powered tools by Stihl can take even the toughest punishment.


Steel giant with a delicate touch

Straightening huge workpieces powerfully and precisely – and cutting energy use by 80 percent. The result of joint development.


The fascinating digger

The assignments handled and performance delivered by mobile hydraulics in heavy equipment is shown using an excavator as the example.


“We build intelligence into everyday objects.”

Printed electronics can already be found in many applications. But what does the future hold in store for these so-called “printed functionalities”?


Moving masses

Back in 1953, several German enterprises independently set about making a name in the sector for fluid hydraulics. Rexroth’s iron foundry in Lohr presented its first hydraulic valves, Bosch started up in Stuttgart with an external gear pump for farm tractors, Hydromatik of Ulm began designing high-pressure pumps, and Brueninghaus of Werdohl was about to build its axial piston manufacturing plant.

Space-saving development

Space-saving development

Solomatic, a Danish company specializing in custom machinery, cracks tough nuts with planetary screw assemblies

Four spindles counter standstills

Four spindles counter standstills

The processing center at an Italian manufacturer of special-purpose machinery really cranks it up with Rexroth components.

A perfect composition

A perfect composition

Chain conveyor systems help to transport securely packed Magnum ice cream to people with a sweet tooth, all around the world.


Perfect project administration

How systematic process management guarantees quality, profitability and punctuality.


Down the ways, right on time

Allseas – an operator of special-purpose ships – puts its faith in binding project processes.


The great press review

For nearly 60 years now, Rexroth has been manufacturing components used in presses and shaping technology. Here is a historical rundown of the major developments.


The thinking factory

In the future, products and machines armed with artificial intelligence will communicate with one another and with their production environment. The magic word: “Industry 4.0”.