Multi Product Line Demonstrator - Bosch Rexroth

Multi Product Line Demonstrator

Connected products in everyday production

The Multi Product Line is a semi-automated production line that provides a link between the real world and the virtual world. It is a versatile solution that enables a highly efficient use of resources, great planning reliability and short throughput times. With unique RFID tags embedded and semi-automated tasks, different operators can effectively produce a large number of different products with consistent quality.

Adapting to individual operators

The individual workplaces of the assembly lines automatically adapt to the needs, skills and preferences of operators using an integrated chip reader. A receiver on the assembly station reads the Bluetooth tag of each user and adapts the workstation monitor with the user’s profile. The right font size, language and even depth of information will appear automatically for each individual operator. And all tools, such as the NEXO wireless nutrunner, are connected to the data and can be accessed on the touch screen.

More production line efficiency

A digital CIP board shows production data in real time, which allows operators to rapidly identity weak points, react to malfunctions and optimize production. A central element of this is the activeCockpit , a Bosch Roxroth production information system, which collects, filters and continually displays production data, providing a communication platform for operators and decision makers. This is critical in reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Industry 4.0 in action

The first applied Industry 4.0 multi-product assembly line for electro-hydraulic values was installed in the Bosch Rexroth plant in Homburg, Germany. It demonstrates how an assembly line can efficiently produce a wide range of individual products, in this case six basic valve types in 200 versions, in productive semi-automatic operation. And as both the manufacturer and user of this intelligent solution, we can constantly use insight from our own practical application to find ways to improve the experience for our customers. With this, Bosch Rexroth demonstrates the practical implementation of Industry 4.0 and received the “Industrie 4.0 Award” by the trade magazine “Produktion” for the best networking of humans, machines and processes.


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