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You can always achieve better performance, better ergonomics, less downtime and a higher degree of flexibility with Safety on Board.

Rexroth 4EE bundles, structures and focuses multiplicity technologies and solutions, that accounts to use energy intelligent.

Industry 4.0 creates new opportunities through merging decentralized intelligence, fast connectivity, open standards, real-time integration and autonomous behavior.




Keeping Things Fluid

Bosch Rexroth UK has issued its Fluid Rating List to help engineers understand the importance of choosing correctly rated hydraulic fluids to optimise performance and safety in hydraulic applications.



Prevention made simple

Predictive maintenance reduces system downtimes and thus saves time and money.



Input counts

What fills some people with concern, inspires others. Will machines soon be more intelligent than people? The potential of intelligent machines was confirmed when an algorithm beat one of the world’s best players of the Asian board game Go. But how can machines learn? And what is meant by the term “machine learning”?



The movement profile tips the scales

A sophisticated drive design helps to keep the acquisition and operating costs of a machine as low as possible. Just how efficiently and reliably a motor carries out the required motion sequence during operation is determined by the design of the movement profile.



The integrated production

Industry 4.0 extends over the entirety of value creation: from the order, the supply of components for the actual production to shipment to customers and after-sales services. People, machines, and IT systems automatically exchange information for manufacturing products. The basic requirements are decentralized intelligence and open standards for programming and exchanging data.



Oil under pressure

Hydraulic fluids have a significant impact on the wear characteristics of hydraulic components, in particular pumps and motors. With the rapidly evolving and increasing demands on hydraulic systems, the standards do not always keep up. Therefore, Bosch Rexroth now offers a new evaluation method on the cutting edge of technology.



Nine steps to the proper drive

Essential to designing drives are a fully structured approach, well-founded knowledge of the formulae, and a fundamental understanding of the technology. They are the prerequisites for perfect matching of the machine and the drive.



Interdisciplinary and trend-setting

Mechatronic systems have long since become perfectly normal – but what exactly is mechatronics?



Diverse standards around the globe

A survey of the differing regional approaches to achieving machine safety.



Ready for an emergency

When a machine breaks down, having an expert provider of technical service is critical. A checklist helps to identify the right service company.



The purity requirement

They are miniscule, but they can bring an entire system to a screeching stop: dirt particles in hydraulic fluid. The right choice of hydraulic system filters and proper service ease the situation.


Secondary controlled drives: dynamic, efficient, precise and versatile

Secondary controlled drives: dynamic, efficient, precise and versatile

How secondarycontrol drives conquer yet another field.



The fascinating digger

The assignments handled and performance delivered by mobile hydraulics in heavy equipment is shown using an excavator as the example.

The best possible workplace

The best possible workplace

Ergonomically designed workplaces promote employee health and increase efficiency and motivation. Yet what are the most crucial factors involved? There are seven basic rules that govern the optimally designed workplace.


Moving moments on the stage

Theaters are packed with the latest in technology. But how does modern stage technology actually work? Here’s a look behind the scenes.


Modern steam engines

Solar thermal energy is a promising way to generate power. But how do the various technologies work?


Using the power of the seas

The oceans harbor massive energy potentials, just by virtue of their ceaseless motion. But how can this marine energy be put to use?


Avoiding danger

Functional safety of machines begins at conceptualization. The first step is a systematic risk assessment. But how is this performed?


Remote control for the teacher

Learning at the computer instead of in the classroom – that seems to be the magic word for all kinds of teaching nowadays. Why is eLearning so popular, how does it work, and what are its limits?


Mobile control

Wherever it’s necessary to dig, lift or tow, that’s where mobile working machines are needed. But how are their movements coordinated, and which mobile control concept is suitable for which application?

Guidance and positioning

Guidance and positioning

Setting any object in motion makes it necessary to transfer power and overcome friction. For millennia mankind has used rollers and slides for this purpose. But how do modern linear guides actually work?