Cover risks appropriately: Emergency stop button with key switch for standard machine tools


Implementing the emergency stop in compliance with standards: at the beginning stands the risk assessment. It dictates, whether e.g. the machine tool needs a STOP of the category 0 or of the category 1 according to IEC 60204-1. The control panel covers both options. The two openers of the control elements can be wired into the emergency stop accordingly. Beyond this, the module position is equipped with a four-step key switch as priority switch – including a graded authorization system. Three keys allocate different authorizations to the machine operators. Thus, the module economically covers the different requirements of a hardware.


  • Scaled machine control panels with ergonomic membrane keyboard
  • Control integration with Sercos, PROFIBUS or PROFINET and integrated E/A
  • Standard-compliant interconnection of the emergency stop buttons suited for ISO 13849
  • Four-step key switch for graded authorization system