Safely immobilizing 800 kg

Project designation Modernization of machine concept
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Safety function in hydraulic control unit


Energy efficient and safe: Large industrial laundry facilities must dry huge quantities of linen on a daily basis. As an alternative to energy-zapping hot air dryers, the JENSEN-GROUP, supplier of equipment and complete system solutions for industrial laundry operations has developed water extraction presses. A hydraulically driven press ram presses down on up to 90 kg of linen, thereby extracting water from the textiles gently and quickly. This application plays right into the strengths of hydraulics: high power density and robustness.

As part of an upgrade of the proven machine concept, the safety specialists at Rexroth developed a new and improved hydraulic switch mechanism to control the press ram. The hydraulic power unit - with its SYDFE axial piston pump providing highly dynamic control, and its valve control - operates the wash press ram, which weighs up to 800 kg, in a fraction of a second. Rexroth has optimized the unit's highly dynamic controllability and precision with a new safety switch mechanism to immobilize the press ram safely in case of a malfunction. Moreover, Rexroth's safety specialists provided the verified MTTFd values (mean time to dangerous failures) of the hydraulic components, and documented the performance level d in accordance with ISO 13849 for the control unit's hydraulic portion. As a result, the water extraction presses meet the new targets set by the European Machinery Directive without any loss in productivity.

Advantages at a glance

  • Hydraulic standard control unit with safety function
  • Verified MTTFd values
  • Highly dynamic and precise
  • Standard-compliant safety without any loss in productivity

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