Machine safety in megawatt applications: IndraDrive ML with Safety on Board


Machine safety at high forces

In machine risk assessments, the drives with extreme power are often priority number one. With IndraDrive ML with Safety on Board that supports up to 4 megawatt, checking drive safety is fast and easy. The drive-integrated Safety on Board safety feature ensures standard-compliant machine safety. This simplifies engineering and enables integrated modularization of machine designs.

IndraDrive ML with Safety on Board features Safe Torque Off, as well as broad range of functions for safe motion. With IndraDrive ML, engineers and machine designers can choose from a range of modular high performance drives, from 110 kW to 500 kW. In addition, by utilizing a parallel connection of up to 8 devices, it is possible to achieve a drive power of up to 4 MW.

Powerful and safe

  • Certified safety functions
  • Safe Torque Off
  • Safe motion – broad range of safety functions for safe motion
  • Different options of controlling the safety functions