Safe working in public places


Operators of municipal vehicles must be able to always count on the reliability and safety of their machines. Whether snowplow or road sweeper – in pedestrian zones or on busy roads, there arise particularly high demands for vehicle operation and safety.

That is why the manufacturer Hako worked together with Rexroth to develop and implement the vehicle drive system for the Citymaster 2000 and the Multicar TREMO. The innovative drive concept is based on detailed risk assessment. Hako thus offers standard-compliant safety in accordance with the European Machinery Directive and has been able to simultaneously improve functionality and increase energy efficiency. With this new safety technology, maximum machine availability is achieved for the user, thanks to Rexroth's intelligent integration of high-quality components.

Advantages at a glance

  • Standard-compliant safety
  • Complete system solution
  • Higher degree of availability
  • Increased energy efficiency