ATEX-compliant explosion protection

Industrial explosion protection equipment

Legislators throughout the world continually implement stricter explosion protection standards due to the potential explosion hazard posed by gases, steam, solvent mist and dust.

Our industrial explosion protection systems ensure that users, operators and machine manufacturers can protect their employees. Our explosion protection systems meet ATEX certification, as well as other explosion protection standards.

Explosion risk arises from oxygen bonding with explosive substances such as gas, fog/mist, vapor or dust. An explosion can be triggered when any of these are exposed to an ignitions source such as a spark or hot surface.

Explosion protection focuses on providing protection from the development of an explosion and its effects. It is subject to legal requirements such as the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU in Europe, NEC in the USA, and CEC in Canada, as well as other national and regional regulations.

Ensuring the safety of personnel, the environment and production is paramount. At Bosch Rexroth, our explosion protection systems focus on delivering solutions that meet your needs exactly.

The following pages provide insight into our solutions that can help reduce explosion risk and optimize efficiency at your operation.

Industrial explosion protection - Hazard directives

We offer a wide variety of hydraulic and electric drive products that have been certified to meet specific explosion protection classifications.

Place of use, zoning, ignition protection type and equipment protection levels determine component, units and device requirements. Accordingly, Rexroth offers a wide variety of certified hydraulic and electric drive products.

Your advantages:

  • Type tested
  • Conformity analyzed
  • Quality safeguarded
  • Complete documentation
  • Products certified
  • Safety ensured

Individual industrial solutions for every situation


Products and Systems

Optimize explosion protection at your operation through Rexroth’s extensive range of powerful and highly dynamic hydraulic and electrical components and systems.

Classification according to ATEX

Using the ATEX directive as an example, learn more about how to recognize explosion hazards and categorize them correctly.

Documentation and Downloads

Learn more about explosion hazards, explosion protection and explosion proof systems and equipment by downloading product brochures and other information.


Reduce explosion hazards at your operation with tailor-made explosion-proof products

Rexroth leverages its experience and broad product portfolio to help you choose the right standards-compliant components and equipment for targeted application explosion protection in potentially explosive environments.