Secure valve control reduces engineering time and effort

Secure valve control reduces engineering time and effort

The IAC Multi-Ethernet control valve with integrated axis controller provides standard-compliant safety with maximum openness and flexibility. Machinery manufacturers can use the Multi-Ethernet interface of this new generation of valves to integrate intelligent hydraulic drives with identical hardware in a wide variety of automation environments. The valves regulate hydraulic drives in real time with their own motion functionality, regardless of the overall machine control system.

In addition, the IAC Multi-Ethernet control valve software automatically takes into account the specific characteristics of the fluid technology used in the system. Moreover, through Safety on Board, the IAC Multi-Ethernet control valve meets decentralized safety requirements up to category 4/PL e according to ISO 13849. The control electronics enable the standard-compliant switching of a channel from P to A. With a removal of the analog 24 V signal to the enable input, the output stage and the valve magnet are separated internally from the adjacent supply voltage. The enabling acknowledgment only occurs after reaching the safe valve control slide position. As a result, designers can achieve standard-compliant safety and significantly reduce engineering time and effort, particularly for extensive systems, without using a superordinate control.

Flexible and safe

  • Multi-Ethernet on one piece of hardware
  • Secure channel shutdown
  • Decentralized intelligence
  • Reduced engineering time and effort
  • Reliable monitoring with a high degree of diagnostic coverage (DC)