Automation solution for laminating and coating machines

Automation solution for laminating and coating machines
Marginal Column

November 2016


For its new laminating and coating machine, the Spanish printing and converting specialist Comexi relies on an automation solution provided by Rexroth, thereby saving time and materials.

Flexibility, faster delivery times and customized, personalized packaging: As a global leading supplier of converting solutions, Comexi from Riudellots de la Selva in Spain knows exactly what the packaging industry demands. With the Comexi L20000, the company has developed a compact water-based laminating and coating machine that is 60% faster than comparable solutions. A complete order can now be delivered in less than 24 hours with the L20000. This is achieved by the fast-curing time of water-based adhesives, its own technical design that makes of the L20000 an unbeatable proposal for fast job changes, and a full automation solution provided by Rexroth on the other.

Comexi counts on IndraMotion MLC to control the machine. It allows the operator to switch between laminating and coating functions easily using the multi-touch HMI. Thus, a greater number of orders per shift are possible. IndraDrive servo drives also play their part in this. Along with MSK servo motors and integrated Safe Motion technology, they guarantee that downtimes are kept to a minimum. Moreover, the Comexi L20000 is extremely efficient, reliable and consistent when it comes to materials. Even when running at the maximum speed of 150 meters a minute, the automation solution enables an extremely precise web transport and tension control. This is essential for very short runtimes where every single meter counts. Albert Chicote, Business Unit Director of Lamination at Comexi, is impressed by the benefits: “The automation solution has made a very fast integration, providing the fastest machine startup possible. Our customers do really highlight this quick set up, along with its multiple functions and the high interactivity, which makes the COMEXI L20000 very easy to operate with.”