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Increased productivity for tractors with Electronic hitch control (EHC)


July 2017


In tractors by Massey Ferguson electronic hitch control and load sensing increase productivity and save energy.

Which farmer does not want to increase productivity and at the same time reduce fuel consumption of the machines used for the field work? In its MF6700R series Massey Ferguson, one of the leading tractor manufacturers in Latin America, succeeded in realizing this goal. Massey Ferguson used three-point electronic hitch control (EHC) and load sensing technology from Rexroth to make their farming vehicles more efficient.

Increased productivity for tractors with Electronic hitch control (EHC) Magnifier

More accurate

This technology electronically controls the oil flow for the cylinders set on the tractor’s rear side. They are responsible for lifting equipment, such as plows, levelers, and sprayers. “Usually, tractors within this power range use mechanical hitching systems,” explains Tiago Gruske, Bosch Rexroth sales engineer in Brazil. “The difference with electronic ones is that they increase productivity by quicker response, and they also control penetration depth and equipment power more accurate.”

Load sensing brought about more savings to the tractor series. In this system the hydraulic actuator signals the pump when the cylinders or motors are needed. Only then, the pump starts running providing the required oil flow. After this demand is met, the actuator gives a new signal, and the pump returns to values near zero. “This significantly reduces energy consumption compared to a conventional pump, whose displacement always remains constant”, adds Gruske.

Most components of this tractor line are produced by Bosch Rexroth therefore Massey-Ferguson could count on strong know-how for this type of application.