Reliable control blocks for the world’s largest press brake

Reliable control blocks for the world’s largest press brake
Marginal Column

November 2016


Together, Baykal Machinery and Bosch Rexroth have created a press brake with the world’s largest closing force.

A world record! In Turkey, a press brake was created which achieves a closing force of 60,000 kilonewtons for the very first time. The manufacturer Baykal Machinery is responsible for this masterpiece. As well as press brakes, the company specializes in systems such as laser and plasma cutting machines, waterjet cutting machines and vertical machining centers for customers all over the world. Bosch Rexroth supported Baykal as early as the project phase of the record-breaking press – as they had done for numerous previous projects.

The biggest challenge faced by the specialists from both companies was achieving the enormous force while keeping operation efficient at all times. This was accomplished by combining a hydraulic Rexroth control block specially designed for this system with two powerful displacement pumps. The press brake achieves fast approach velocity of 50 millimeters per second and impresses with a press speed of 6 millimeters per second. And it’s not only the performance data that is astonishing. One of the main requirements was to achieve this performance in a very compact design. The developers succeeded in producing a system that is a mere 8.5 meters long.