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Unimec supplies aerospace sector with personalised mechanical jacks


November 2017


Unimec masters a new challenge in the aerospace sector by implementing the Rexroth PLSA Planetary Screw Assemblies in their mechanical jacks.

Steadfastness and faith in their abilities – these qualities of the Maggioni family make the story of their company Unimec a successful one. The family-owned business boasts an all-Italian jack production. It is recognized worldwide for its ability to conceive one-off solutions for a wide variety of design needs in every sector: raising, pulling, moving and realigning any type of load with perfect synchronism, from precise mechanical movements to the lifting of hundreds of tons. 60 percent of Unimec’s production relates to fully personalized products.

Wanted: reliable jack for heavy tasks

A new challenge appeared for Unimec when an important player in the aerospace sector contacted the company for a jack able to sustain the testing of one of the essential movement components of an aeroplane. The new testing machine, that runs 24/7 to examine certain mechanical components, that then have to be assembled on the plane, was unable to carry out the fatigue tests correctly with the traditional mechanical systems available: There was a serious problem of reduced dimensions, significant loads, speeds to be sustained, notable work cycles and high machine durability.

Unimec decided not to waste the chance to “take to the skies” and immediately contacted its long-term partner Bosch Rexroth for technological support. The task was to create a jack that lived up to the expectations, meeting the required standards and proving fully reliable. Bosch Rexroth proposed a mechanical solution with a high technological value: The special technological characteristics of the Rexroth PLSA planetary roller nuts and screws proved that they were equal to the challenge, allowing Unimec to meet the customer’s request in just six weeks and also fulfilling the time and cost requisites laid down by the design study.

Happy ending

Synchronous satellite roller technology can handle loads three times greater, for the same size, compared with a traditional ball screw. And compared with hydraulic solutions, it ensures high precision and repeatability in every movement phase, thanks to the electronic control. The Unimec jacks were coupled with PLSA screws of diameter 48 and and PLSA screws of diameter 39, ensuring optimal dynamic and static load capacities – leaving all partners in this project totally satisfied.