Marginal Column

Building confidence and trust.


Guenther Zettl - Energy Efficiency Consultant
Landshut, Germany

While many companies (including Bosch Rexroth) are working hard to bring new energy efficient products and systems as part of new machines to market, another area demands equal attention: existing production and manufacturing platforms.

Energy efficiency consultant Guenther Zettl and his team want to help companies to carefully investigate their manufacturing systems and processes, with a goal of developing a sustainable plan and solutions for increasing energy efficiency there.

And while Zettl’s expertise is important, he makes it clear that building confidence and trust is the vital first step in team’s efforts. First, he gathers all the necessary decision makers of a plant -- facility management, maintenance, production control, and planning.

“As a team, we look at the whole process -- we ask questions, we take notes, we work to understand their key parameters such as energy efficiency goals, details about their machines and plants, amortization periods, or the results of previous efforts,” Zettl said. They work together to identify what Zettl calls “the usual suspects” that do not use energy efficiently, and assess how Rexroth’s energy advice services can help.

Zettl and his colleagues utilize the Rexroth for Energy Efficiency (4EE) systematic approach in their work, analyzing the client company’s overall automation systems’ energy utilization in machines and plants. They assess whether individual components, modules or systems can be modified or replaced to either use less energy to perform the same work, or recover and regenerate lost energy and share it across multiple machine elements or restore it back into the grid.

This analysis takes time, but it’s crucial: “It is fair to say that a diagnosis can be extremely time-consuming, but without this informative data, we and our customer cannot understand where the problems and the opportunities lie,” Zettl said.

By improving energy efficiency at the companies it works with, Bosch Rexroth can help reduce emissions and improve the environment for our common future.

“The more we partner with customers, we see eye-to-eye on the most effective energy efficiency solutions,” Zettl said. “They trust us because we can show systematic results that will have sustainable impact on their production.”