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To be global, we go local.


Jane Ren, Systems Engineer - Sytronix SVP 5000 Team, Shanghai, China

For hydraulics system engineer Jane Ren, from Shanghai, China, “thinking global, acting local” means merging engineering and manufacturing approaches from multiple regions. She was part of a cross-regional team that developed a version of the Sytronix variable speed pump drives to serve the Chinese manufacturing marketplace.

“In China, simpler and more flexible solutions are the requirement for many of the customers and applications we are targeting,” Ren said. “Also, energy efficiency is a very “hot” topic, along with environmental concerns.” For example, plastics manufacturers using hydraulics systems in high-speed manufacturing faced difficulties with power consumption, high temperatures and noise from hydraulics systems. They needed solutions with dramatic less power consumption, as muchas less cooling and operated with less noise.

To meet this need, Jane spent a year in Germany with the Sytronix team, learning the product, the development process and Bosch Rexroth Germany approach to project management. “The emphasis there, what I learned, was the importance of precision, of planning, of the systematic way to break down a complex development task into a process of simpler steps,” she said.

She then returned to Shanghai to collaborate on developing the SVP 5000 for the China market -- utilizing what she learned with her German colleagues, yet adapting that experience to the unique local conditions. For example: the pace of change and competitive developments is much faster in the Chinese market, so her team need to become more flexible and responsive to fast-changing requirements, without sacrificing the SVP5000’s performance or value to the Chinese market.

The initial introduction of the SVP 5000 has been successful, according to Ren: plastics manufacturers who use it in their production system will use less energy and cooling water to operate their plant, and reduce noise levels by close to 10 dB(A) decibels. Even more, the customers love the simple startup with this turnkey solution It confirms the effectiveness of the global/local development approach.

“There is so much, we can learn from each other by working together. The German way of developing products with comprehensive and highly structured considerations merged with the Chinese way: bringing a new product to market in a fast, simple and effective way,” she said.