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We never stop improving.


Sarah Salmonowicz, Manager of GoTo Program Development and Continuous Improvement,
Charlotte, USA

The economics of manufacturing and distribution are simple: Keep inventories at their lowest possible levels, but have the right parts available at the right time. With thousands of products across technologies from hydraulics to linear motion and electric drives & controls, assembly systems and more, Bosch Rexroth recognized that to delight their customers, a standardized portfolio of the highest quality products in market-best lead times was crucial.

This led Bosch Rexroth in the USA start the GoTo Focused Delivery Program: it features a select -- and growing -- array of high-demand Rexroth drive, motion and control products available with short lead times and streamlined order fulfillment processes for the North American markets.

“We launched the GoTo program in 2009 and received immediate positive responses from our customers”, said Sarah Salmonowicz, Manager for GoTo Program Development and Continuous Improvement at Rexroth in the US. “We have already included over 4,300 standard products in the program that the customer can select and order online – with shipment in 10 business days or less. In fact over half of the products in the GoTo portfolio ship in 1 to 5 days”.

Sarah visits with customers regularly to discuss their ideas for making the GoTo program even better. “Based on customer feedback, we have reduced shipment times, increased maximum quantities, and added popular products. We have also implemented system enhancements and tools to bring more transparency throughout the supply chain.”

Sarah said she also sees the effect of the “GoTo culture” on Rexroth employees and internal improvement efforts. “Our customers are not the only beneficiaries of GoTo. GoTo complements parallel Rexroth initiatives in logistics, marketing, engineering and more”.

A recent example where a product selector application developed for the use of Rexroth Sales and Distribution, called GoAxial, specifically highlights axial piston products that are part of the GoTo program. By coordinating the development of GoAxial with the GoTo program, the users got a better application, and in the factory, planning and transactional costs are reduced with the increase of standardization. This culture of working together as a committed team and mutual success are the results of these interconnections.”

Sarah says she and her GoTo team have high hopes for the program’s growth across multiple Rexroth business units. “As the GoTo program matures and expands worldwide, we never lose sight of the vision: to delight our customers by delivering a standardized portfolio of the highest quality products and services in market-best lead times,“ she said.