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Corinnne Kohlmann
Mechanical Engineer/Engineering Student
Lohr, Germany.

She is one of the fastest of her generation, and she sets new records along with others on her team: these are the accomplishments Corinne Kohlmann enjoys in both her professional and her private life. She is recognized as one of the best sprinters in Germany, and she studies mechanical engineering, spending her practical hours at Bosch Rexroth.

Corinne is a passionate athlete who strives to overcome barriers and win recognition with her performance: Although she was not part of the official squad of the German athletic club, she was the third fastest German woman qualifying for the 2013 Junior European championships, held in Rieti, Italy, where she won the bronze medal in the 4 x 400 meter relay. Then, just one week later, she again won the bronze medal, this time in 400 meter sprint at the German National championships.

Speed, endurance and performance also matter to Corinne -- in her education and, now in her career. She is completing a dual mechanical engineering course of studies, during which theoretical education and practical working at Bosch Rexroth go hand-in-hand. For her, mechanical and engineering theory are not enough: “I want to see that something is moving”, this committed student says.

Corinne is contributing to the further development of internal gear pumps with variable-speed pump drives: This Rexroth technology combines hydraulic pumps, electrical drives and software into a ready-to-mount drive solution. For example, they are used in plastics machines and lower the energy use of the hydraulics by up to 80 percent, which can make a dramatic contribution to cost control and overall return on investment: “In our test series, the point is that our customers save energy and still have full performance”, she says, describing how her team works to continually improve what's good--- something she knows well from training for competitive sports.

“Corinne’s experience here at Bosch Rexroth shows how the dual occupational training in Germany, which combines practical and theoretical education in a real-world, working environment, is successful at preparing young people for everyday work,” said Egon Birkenmaier, the leader of education for technical and commercial professions at Rexroth’s Lohr location.

The application-oriented course of studies is quite demanding: besides the theoretical engineering coursework, she and her fellow students also have to prove themselves in everyday engineering and product development challenges.

And through this experience, the next generation of passionate, competitive Rexroth engineers gain an inspired attitude towards life -- an attitude that inspires one of the fastest women in Europe every day : “Always be ready for change… and question yourself critically: This is the only way to improve.”