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Rogerio Silva, Project Management
Offshore Manager Brazil

On offshore oil rigs around the world, everything has to work with the highest levels of reliability -- especially the safety technology that protects the workers and equipment in very demanding conditions. On a platform off the coast of Brazil, a test is conducted on the fire extinguishing system, and almost instantly the working pressure for the hydraulics system increases from 30 to 350 bar.

Thirty meters below the oil platform, above the ocean surface, a high-speed hydraulic motor drives a high-performance pump located under water, delivering up to 3.5 million liters of water per hour through sprinklers across the entire platform. The test is a success. Helping to create this hydraulics-driven safety system: Bosch Rexroth.

“This firefighting equipment must function under all circumstances," said Rogerio Silva, Offshore Manager at Bosch Rexroth in Brazil. Together with the pump manufacturer Sulzer Brasil, Bosch Rexroth developed a fire engine that meets all regulatory certifications and customer requirements, to ensure fire protection on the platforms.

"We are the ideal partner because Sulzer Brasil and Bosch Rexroth are both the technology leaders in Brazil, with similar high levels of demand for our equipment,” Rogerio Silva said. He should know: He literally started his career on the engineering applications department at Bosch Rexroth 25 years ago, as a sales assistant.

Before he took over the responsibility for the offshore market and the fire extinguishing unit, he was the sales manager for the Rio de Janeiro region. Creating the new solution in collaboration with Sulzer Brasil presented multiple challenges. "Working together, we had to engineer the highest levels of reliability, but also we had to design the unit to be very compact and require little maintenance," said Silva.

The prototype was tested and put through its paces by certification companies and by the end user oil platform operators; both certified the solution. "Behind this is a lot of work to meet all the requirements and the entire team has produced a tremendous achievement," said Silva.

And their efforts have paid off: A large Brazilian oil company has specified the combined solution for all new platforms. For Silva, the work is not over: "Now it's about delivering over the next few years the right equipment, on time and in perfect quality, fully certified in accordance with the rules."