Marginal Column

Leadership takes a team.


Larry Guidon, Service Manager
Houston Technology Center
Houston, Texas, USA

The call came early in the morning at the new Houston Technology and Service Center. The large press had been standing still for four days, and the customer's technicians couldn't find the error.

“One of our field specialists immediately got into the truck, drove for two hours and found the error within an hour. The problem was the valve was tampered with and a spool was installed backwards in the valve. Once corrected, the machine ran again,” said Larry Guidon, Service Manager for the Houston Center, which Bosch Rexroth opened up in 2013.

“While it’s true the Center itself is new, our team here already brings together more than 50 years of service experience from the operation’s start-up,” he said -- including Larry’s own service background: He began working at Bosch Rexroth in 1985 as a conversion technician.

The Houston Technology & Service Center was recently created to serve industrial and mobile hydraulics users across the West and Southwest region of the U.S. It is part of a growing global network of service and engineering support facilities created to provide Rexroth-certified, state-of-the-art hydraulics engineering, maintenance and repair services.

Houston is a major center for marine and offshore in North America. “These industries are a focus of our work and we work very closely with the OEMs who are major technology and equipment suppliers to this industry -- from workboats to drilling rig systems to underwater remotely-piloted vehicles,” Guidon said.”

The Houston Center also does a good job in the repair and upkeep of Rexroth large hydraulic cylinders. “Particularly in the offshore operations, rod coating and sealing technology plays an important role,” Guidon said. “Together with seal manufacturers, we have developed seals that are exclusively designed for the offshore applications and we are the only ones that install them.

For Larry Guidon and the rest of his team in Houston, “service” is not a department, it’s an attitude: “We personally assume responsibility for our work and can rely on each other. That is why we can master any service task as a team.”