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With efficiency and precision


Federico Mejia,
Industry Sector Management -- Tractors, Bosch Rexroth in Germany

There’s an old saying: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Sometimes, during the course of a bid on a technology development project, it appears as though a customer will choose a competitor. This looked like it was going to happen to Federico Mejia, originally engaged in Bosch Rexroth sales product management and now working in industry sector management for tractors.

The product Bosch Rexroth was proposing was the hydrostatic compact unit A40CT. It is an advanced hydraulic product used to transmit hydraulic power in continuously variable power-split transmissions. “The competitor had come out on top with a conventional solution for a prototype of a series-produced tractor,” said Mejia. “But we didn't give up and offered the customer a cutting-edge solution as an alternative.”

To succeed, the Bosch Rexroth developers had to apply innovative thinking, creating a solution that was more efficient and integrated. They moved away from the old way of equipping such hydrostatic units with two swashplate rotary groups.

Instead, they combined a swashplate variable rotary group with a bent axis constant displacement rotary group in a ready-to-install compact unit, named A41CT. “When we presented the customer with the first A41CT, he was excited, because the efficiency was between 3 and 5 percent better than the conventional technology,” Mejia said. Given the pressure of the TIER 4 Final emissions guidelines, this is an enormous advance: greater power output without having to increase the engine output.

The result: “The customer even upgraded the prototype to the new solution and has since then been applying our hydrostatic compact unit in more and more tractor series.”

Originally from Colombia, Mejia studied mechanical engineering in his home country; in 2002, he came to Germany, completed his Master's degree and wrote his Master thesis at Bosch Rexroth about mobile hydraulics. Since then, he has been working on the hydrostatic compact unit for Rexroth.

“I am working on some very interesting technological challenges and I am part of a team that is setting new standards on a worldwide level,” said Mejia with self-evident pride in his work. He supervises key customers, compiles the development specifications and accompanies the series assembly with the tractor manufacturers in Europe and the US. “The newest development is a product sized for tractors of the lower performance class. This design offers more driving comfort and less exhaust emission for that class of tractors a result.”