Marginal Column

Building confidence and trust.


Lin Can
Applications Manager
Bosch Rexroth in China

“It’s hard, but it’s possible,” said Lin Can, who is responsible for construction machinery applications such as wheeled loaders at Bosch Rexroth in China. What he was referring to is the competitive challenges for mobile machine equipment in China.

Much of the competition has been based on equipment price; however, Lin Can has been working with LiuGong, the market leader for wheeled loaders in China, to help them be more successful and gain market share. Together, they focus on the technical advantages offered by using higher quality components with longer life and more energy-efficiency—and thus more cost-efficient performance.

LiuGong has successfully developed its export business and technically expanded its range of products, even during the most difficult period in 2011-2012, when demand for construction equipment in China dropped by close to 60 percent. This success is based on LiuGong´s constant improvement of its products and offer.

“Currently, 99 percent of all wheeled loaders manufactured by Chinese OEMs have gear pumps and are equipped with open center main valve,” said Lin Can. “While this solution is more economical, it is less energy efficient.” LiuGong has successfully introduced two new hydraulics concepts for wheeled loaders that were developed in collaboration with Rexroth.

“We are not waiting for customers to come to us; we go after them with new ideas,” Lin Can said.

LiuGong is pursuing a two-pronged strategy. The LiuGong five ton wheeled loader machines, which are by far the most popular in the domestic Chinese market, uses the EDIS system developed by Rexroth for key customers like LiuGong. EDIS integrates a Rexroth steering system for the first time. For LiuGong’s larger, seven to twelve ton wheeled loaders, mainly manufactured for export, the company relies on the Rexroth flow-sharing LUDV.

“We try to modernize proven concepts step by step,” Lin Can said. The EDIS system uses working hydraulics that are powered by gear pumps, as is normal in China. But for the steering system, the Rexroth variable axial piston pump was chosen for the first time. The key advantage: If the steering doesn’t require an output current, the axial piston pump supports the gear pump, thereby improving energy efficiency. This solution, which is currently offered in China, decreases diesel consumption by up to ten percent. Lower fuel consumption helps lower operating costs significantly, an important selling point for LiuGong.

With the larger seven to twelve ton wheeled loaders for export, LiuGong is pioneering the use of a complete flow sharing closed center system (LUDV) from Rexroth: axial piston pumps, a main control valve with joystick, a steering system, power brakes and a hydrostatic fan drive. “I have worked closely with the industry sector management in Germany on the design,” said Lin Can, who came to Bosch Rexroth in China eight years ago after his university exam. Based in Germany, Bosch Rexroth industry sector management integrates global application experience in similar applications—in this case, mobile hydraulics.

LUDV stands for load-independent flow distribution (in German, “Lastdruck unabhängige Durchflussverteilung”) or flow sharing. It regularly provides the necessary hydraulic power according to demand, even when several hydraulic systems on a mobile machine are working simultaneously. The flow sharing thus provides higher performance with simultaneous diesel savings of 10 to 15 percent. This gives LiuGong the ability to offer highly competitive wheeled loaders featuring higher productivity at lower operating costs, opening the doors to new international markets.

According to Lin Can, the double success at LiuGong is the result of building long-term customer relationships. “At the technical level, we have an excellent relationship with our customers, because we are very honest with each other and open to customer requirements,” he said. “We tell our customers openly if a cheaper option is sufficient for a task – and that creates trust.”

Another plus point for Bosch Rexroth is the company’s clear focus on specific industries, such as construction equipment, and its comprehensive application expertise in those industries. “The customers remember that, particularly in the design of new solutions and the commissioning of prototypes,” said Lin Can.