Marginal Column

And massive strength.


Martin Gomez- Project Manager
La Yesca Hydroelectric Power Plant, Mexico

On November 6, 2012, Felipe Calderón, the President of Mexico, opened the La Yesca dam, a major hydroelectric project integrating multiple Rexroth hydraulics technologies. At 208.5 meters high, it is the second highest concrete face embankment-type dam in the world, and its 750 MW hydroelectric power station will help satisfy growing electricity demand in the region without increasing CO2 emissions.

It’s the kind of massive project demanding world-class engineering expertise that Rexroth specializes in. Rexroth project manager Martin Gomez worked with multiple project partners to engineer the large-scale hydraulic electromechanical equipment that drives the opening and closing of the dam’s radial floodgates and intake structures for the hydroelectric plant, as well as integrating Rexroth’s technology with the rest of La Yesca’s systems.

Martin and his fellow Rexroth engineers on the La Yesca project drew on their experience in past civil engineering projects to create a multi-lingual team able to coordinate Rexroth’s efforts and technologies with contributions from the Mexican, Russian and other firms who were partners in the project’s multinational consortium.

“One of the biggest challenges at La Yesca -- and its common on these types of projects -- was organizing and coordinating our work with all of the other engineering contractors, project managers and technology suppliers working on the dam,” he said.

As the project proceeded, Martin and his Rexroth colleagues recommended using hydraulic cylinders with piston rods using a special coating, called Ceramax Engineered Coatings. These components are typically used in offshore saltwater applications, but the Rexroth team believed they would provide much longer operational life for the conditions at La Yesca.

La Yesca was a major engineering success -- and for Martin personally, a chance to learn from his colleagues on the project. “What I like most about my job is the opportunity to work on the kind of projects where you meet many people with a lot of experience that I don’t necessarily have -- it’s a chance to learn a lot and develop yourself,” Gomez said.