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Our passion drives us.


Sophia Endres - Software Engineer
Lohr, Germany

It takes more than superb technology to create intelligent motion -- it takes a passion for outstanding engineering, designing the drive and control for each machine, each application so it delivers the results our customers seek.

Software engineer Sophia Endres got to know the Rexroth passion for excellence as a child -- her father worked here, and her older sister studied electrical engineering with us. During her integrated engineering degree and training program, she became acquainted with different Rexroth divisions, but her passion – and ultimate choice – was software engineering.

Currently, Sophia is developing software for test benches which will be used to test motion control systems.. “Unlike developing software for other applications, the great thing about developing it for test benches is that you don’t just sit in front of the PC and code all day.”

“You actually get to see your code in action, and when the test bench hardware is ready, you get to see what you and your team have accomplished,” she said. “When you’re programming the software to run on hardware, you hope the machine understands you and does what you expect from it,” she said. “You really do get to be hands-on: during the test bench commissioning. You get to see whether an issue develops from a hardware error or an issue in your software and you can be a part in solving the possible hardware errors together with your colleagues. It’s great to see the results live, to see for example an engine integrated into the test bench and beginning to operate, it’s a great reward and very exciting.”