Marginal Column

We never give up until the right solution is found.


Horst Stanzel - Iron Welder

Lohr, Germany

From the hammer mill to high-tech solutions provider: For more than 200 years, the people of Bosch Rexroth have been driven by this promise: whatever you need moved, we work each challenge until the solution is found.

Part of our heritage as a foundry operator is still alive today. Iron welder Horst Stanzel works in the Rexroth foundry that was established in our “hometown” of Lohr, Germany, turning hot steel into precisely-cast pre-milled slabs for different applications.

One recent project involved helping a supplier of ovens to the candy industry. The ovens operate at 1480°C, so the components need to be forged with exceptional attention to quality and control. In order to achieve perfectly baked waffles, the baking plates must transfer the heat evenly across the entire surface. The baking plates manufactured in the mold die casting process have a special high-quality, even material density. This allows the necessary consistent heat transfer to be achieved.

Casting each plate to the required specifications is both a science and a craft -- a heritage of Rexroth excellence alive today in Lohr after more than two centuries.

“When you manufacture foundry products, precision is the key to quality,” Stanzel said. “There are multiple, fascinating work steps needed to create the superior casts that the oven manufacturer needs, to ensure even baking; if not, the delicate square wafers of a hazelnut bar could break before someone takes a bite.”

As with the other products manufactured at the Lohr foundry, Stanzel says that his work and commitment to quality is matched by his team -- even though the work is hard and the conditions can be hot, everyone he works with shares a quiet determination to do the finest work possible.

“On a day-to-day basis, I would say one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the great team I am working with,” he said. “We all work toward the same goal: deliver good quality every single day.”