Marginal Column

Our passion drives us.


Johannes Toloczyki - Project Director
Wickeder Westfalenstahl
Wickede, Germany

It’s Christmas, and operations in the Wickeder Westfalenstahl steelworks are still. Nevertheless, there is a bustle: Rexroth safety specialists are installing new safety valve blocks, and Johannes Toloczyki, Project Director in the Service area at Rexroth, is sitting in front of a laptop together with his colleague Till Friedemann who is programming the SafeLogic compact safety control.

Safety in automation and manufacturing environments is a technology that Johannes is passionate about -- during his dual degree program, when he completed internships at Rexroth and then after that, he specialized in safety technology. “Safety always applies to all of the technology in a machine, so you need to have an overall view,” he emphasizes. Like with Wickeder Westfalenstahl.

The steel producer was looking for a partner for the modernization of the safety technology of the three sub-machines in the rolling plant, utilizing the most recent, standard-compliant state of the art systems. The special challenge: The three machines came from different manufacturers. Johannes led the project through all phases, from consulting and concept development to implementation.

There was one additional challenge - the time frame: Just 14 days, starting on December 20, during the company’s Christmas holidays, when the Wickeder machinery would be down in any case. “The first thing I did was to take a deep breath,” explains Johannes. But after consulting with colleagues and subcontractors we were sure that we could do it. If everybody stepped on the gas.”

“In the end, the only thing that matters is that we implement the project technically and on time as agreed. To do this, you have to improvise and make quick decisions, without compromising the most important goal: implementing the best safety technology we could provide,” Johannes said.

Besides the actual security technology, Johannes took responsibility for countless other project details, from the construction of scaffolding on the system to organizing a fire brigade from the fire department during welding -- and always with safety in mind. The result: “We implemented a comprehensive solution for a complex task, kept the schedule and the customer is satisfied – I’m always happy about these kinds of challenges.”