Marginal Column

Leadership takes a team.


Paulo Junior, Service Technician Consultant Mobile Hydraulics
Atibaia, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

For Bosch Rexroth, our responsibility rarely ends when we deliver a drive and control solution -- in fact, it’s often just the beginning. At the Rexroth Plant and Service Center in Atibaia, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, Paulo Junior is part of a team of experienced hydraulics engineers and service professionals who help keep our customer’s mobile hydraulics technologies hard at work -- even after years of demanding usage in tough environments.

Paulo has more than 25 years of Rexroth hydraulics manufacturing and service experience. Each day he draws on that experience to analyze, troubleshoot and repair Bosch Rexroth mobile hydraulics products -- and he loves the challenge each new day brings:

“We have a job rotation process in our team, so I get to do different tasks and have new experiences on a regular basis,” he said. “That also means I can apply my experience to all stages of the service department, whether it’s analysis, repair, assembly or test.”

“And with all the new developments in hydraulics technology that Bosch Rexroth is introducing, we all have an opportunity to help our customers use this new technology to improve their operations,” he added.

One of the approaches Paulo and his team take is to service customer’s existing equipment so they can bring it back to “like-new” operating condition, rather than replacing it, which is often more costly. “Even the best equipment -- including ours -- will need repair, after years of hard usage,” he said. “The difference we make is that we are a Rexroth repair shop, with technicians trained and certified on Rexroth equipment and we use genuine Rexroth parts to do all our service work.”

Recently, the team worked to develop a cost-effective repair and operation plan to extend the operational life of a Rexroth pump used in a customer’s mobile machine. The whole team met in the test area, including the customer, to work out an effective repair solution. Each of the team members contributed their experience, and both quality control and warranty information from Rexroth product management was consulted.

“That’s the best way to work -- I’m able to help my team through my knowledge and experience with pumps, test benches and that type of technology, and the rest of my colleagues help me learn about new equipment, the latest technical information, their experience in products other than pumps,” he said. “We share our knowledge to make decisions together.”